Meet 28th January 2023 Written Update

Meet asks Manmeet out loud will you marry me. Manmeet says no out of pity. Meet says it’s not pity as we both need each other to fulfil our dream. Babita asks Manmeet to not say jo. Meet says today I also want you to say yes. Babita says when I look at you, I see my son Meet Ahlawat. Please say yes.

As Manmeet looks at them, he holds Meet’s hand and says, “I’m ready for marriage. I’ll make you my wife for one night just to get back at you.” Sarkar, tell him today we have chosen a path which will destroy you, just keep waiting for the day we will get married and your days will be numbered.

Sarkar walks to Manmeet and holds his hand as he walks away with his men. Meet and Babita hug each other. As Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat’s photo at home, he recalls Babita scolding her. When he sees the photo, Meet asks why he chose Sarkarpur to pursue his dream, no woman wants their freedom and for his dream, he must marry someone else. Garland breaks and falls to the floor and talks to her picture.

She walks to Raj and gives him sweets to eat. She gets a call from Ragini who tells her to handle marriage arrangements. Raj looks at Meet on the balcony listening to their conversation. Babita tells him you have no idea how happy I am Manmeet is just like our son Meet Ahlawat. He cares a lot for her, so our Meet will be pleased with him.

Raj walks to her and asks but what, are you happy? Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat’s photo and picks it up. She says that today is the first day since you’ve been gone. You said yes because of Babita. Meet said I could never repay Manmeet for what he did for me but that’s not how you get married.

Babita walks up to her and tells her that life doesn’t give her second chances and that she will be getting Manmeet, who is exactly like our son Meet Ahlawat. Manmeet says I love you Madamji. Shagun walks to her and looks at him and says, “I’ll kill you today.”. Manmeet dodges her attack and says, “I love you”.

She gets angry and runs towards him with slippers. Manmeet dodges her and catches her tightly between his hands, saying don’t cross your limit in love. Shagun says I get angry when I see you with her. Manmeet says she doesn’t lie to you. ‘I know you like to keep your promises’, Raj says to Meet. Babita says before becoming a friend, I want you to be his lover because love can melt anything.

It is not hard for men to melt, Shagun says to Manmeet. He says, “Don’t be scared, Meet Hooda is just part of my plan to revenge my parents. She will be my wife for one night, then she will leave the house crying the next day, and I will feel good, and we will get married, everything is going fine, nothing will stop us from getting married.

Manmeet walks to them and accepts Babita’s blessings. Babita asks him about Shervani. He says it’s your choice. Babita asks Mest to take Manmeet’s measurement and give it to Meet. Manmeet says to leave it, as I will send you my kurta, and you can make my dress based on it. Manmeet says to please leave it, I’ll send you my kurta, and you can make my dress accordingly. Manmeet wonders what they’re doing here. Jasodha asks her to show some clothes for Shagun as well. Babita says she’s sorry, but she’s busy with Meet’s wedding right now.

Jasodha says I just want Shagun to wear something selected by you because you already know about it. There was no response from anyone. Jasodha said what happened why are you stunned. Let me tell you Shagun will also be married on the same day Meet and Manmeet are getting married.

Meet thinks Shagun is also getting married the same day. Manmeet thinks what you did Mom made her think. Babita walks away with Meet while her assistant makes arrangements for dresses. When Jasodha and Shagun walk away they say they are so sweet they have no idea what will happen to their daughter-in-law after marriage. Shagun looks at Meet’s lehenga and says I need the same as what Meet has chosen.

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