Anupama 16th March 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anuj asks Little Anu if she wants to stay with them.  Anupama distracts Little Anu and asks her to give chocolates to everyone.

Anupama requests Anuj to listen to her for a few minutes without getting angry.  She pleads with Anuj to let Little Anu go and not force her to stay.  Anuj asks her to repeat what she said wondering if he heard something wrong.  He does not know why Anupama is saying this but asks her to end the conversation.

Everyone has surrounded Maaya and not allowed her to out of the room.  Little Anu comes there with chocolates.

Anupama does not allow Anuj to go out and forces him to listen to her.  She tells Anuj that Maaya has emotionally blackmailed and has convinced her to go. Anupama makes Anuj understand that we cannot tell Little Anu that her mother is a liar.  So just now we have to listen to Little Anu. Anuj refuses to listen to her and insists that he will fight with everyone to get his daughter back. He cannot understand why Anupama is forcing him to let their daughter go.  Anupama tells Anuj that Little Anu wishes to go with Maaya just now so we should not force her to stay back.  Anuj cannot understand how a 7-year-old kid can have her own opinion but her parents cannot. 

Both keep arguing with Anupama asking Anuj to let Little Anu go and Anuj pleading that he cannot live without his daughter and will do anything to make her stay.  Anuj cannot understand what kind of a mother Anupama is if she is letting her daughter go away.  Anupama says as a father he should see what his daughter wants.  Why is he making his daughter make a choice between families?  Anupama says we cannot be selfish like Maaya.  We have to think of our daughter’s happiness and not our own.  Anuj pleads that their child is his life and he cannot stay without her. 

Both Anuj and Anupama keep pleading with each other.  Anuj to make Little Anu stay and Anupama to let her go.  Anuj then tells Anupama that he wants their daughter to go because he once said that he loves Little Anu more than her.  Anuj says he cannot believe that Anupama can be so selfish and possessive.  Anuj tells Anupama that she is not her real mother that is why she is letting Little Anu go.  Anupama says that a mother is a mother irrespective if she is a real mother or not.  Anupama says only God knows and Little Anu knows how much she loves her daughter and she will not give any explanation to Anuj. 

She only wishes that her daughter lives happily and she wants her to go happily from their house and not with any guilt that she made her parents unhappy.  Anuj reminds Anupama that she had promised him that she would convince Maaya to let Little Anu stay with them but now she is breaking her promise. 

Anupama tells him that they have to bid farewell to their daughter with a smile on their face so that she goes with a smile from here.  Anuj remembers all the good moments he had spent with his daughter. 

Both Anuj and Anupama wipe their tears and go out to meet Little Anu.  Anupama says we have only a short time with our daughter now and each moment is precious.  Anuj tries to compose himself while going out.

Maaya asks where are Anuj and Anupama because it is time for their flight.  Anupama walks in just then and tells her not to worry because they will ensure she does not miss her flight.  Anupama convinces Maaya that Little Anu will go with her.  Everyone is shocked.  Maaya asks her again if she is sure because she cannot believe it. Anupama says that Little Anu wants to go and they only want their daughter to be happy.  They don’t want her to be divided between two families so they are letting her go.  Everyone tries to convince Anupama to stop Little Anu from going.  Anupama tells them that it is already difficult for them so she asks them not to say anything.  Hasmukh says destiny has already decided that Little Anu has to go.  Some day the court will decide everything in Maaya’s favour so let her go. 

Maaya thanks Anupama to let Little Anu go.  Anupama thanks her for bringing Little Anu to meet them .

Little Anu asks Anuj not to cry when he misses her.  She asks him to make a video call whenever he wishes.


Anuj is crying bitterly and Anupama asks him not to cry.  She says she is also missing their daughter.  Anuj turns back and says that she has not lost anything because she has her three kids around.  It is he who has lost everything because he is left all alone now.  He says her presence around make him miss Little Anu all the more and he is feeling suffocated with her around.

Anuj has left Anupama

Anupama is crying and telling herself that Anuj will definitely return one day.

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