Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi visits a jeweler in hopes of selling Harini’s bangles to cover her college admission fees. The jeweler insists on calling her family, and dials their landline. Ramesh Sawant, Kiran’s father, answers the call. The jeweler informs him that a young woman named Savi Chavan has come to sell her sister’s bangles. Ramesh asks for a moment to speak with his family before accusing Savi of theft. He quickly informs them of the situation, leading to everyone yelling at Savi. However, Harini steps in and explains that she had given the bangles to her sister as payment for her fees. This calms everyone down until Harini’s mother-in-law reminds them that after marriage, a woman’s jewelry belongs to her husband’s family and cannot be given away freely. Kiran volunteers to retrieve the bangles and bring Savi back with him. In the meantime, Ramesh calls the jeweler and instructs him not to release Savi or return the jewelry as it was stolen by her and should be handed over to his son Kiran.

After a tense encounter with the jeweler, Savi urgently heads to her college where she is met with another obstacle. The clerk informs her that she must submit her transfer certificate and fees by 11 a.m., per Yashwant’s instructions. Despite pleading for more time, Savi is met with a refusal. Fortunately, Ishan happens to pass by and the clerk suggests that he may be able to assist her.

Ishan warns Savi to stay away from him as she makes trouble whenever she comes near him. Savi rushes to Ishan and says she has a request for him. Ishan says he feels good seeing her request. He says she cleared the interview and has the right to request something. Savi says she will submit her TC in some time, but needs one day’s notice to pay her fees. Ishan bluntly refuses. She holds his feet and pleads to get a day to pay her fees as it’s her dream to study at Bhosale.

That’s why Yashwant tongue lashed Savi and pointed out that it’s a college, not a drama hall. Savi pleaded even with him. He humiliated her. As Kiran enters, he introduces himself as Savi’s BIL and asks them not to admit her because she fled her family and stole her sister’s bangles. Ishan and Yashant refuse to believe Savi and continue humiliating her.

As Isha enters, she immediately confronts Ishan about his actions towards her student. Savi rushes to her and embraces her. Isha then inquires about Savi’s admission, to which Savi responds with disappointment. Becoming upset at the mistreatment of the institute and its students, Isha scolds Yashwant and Ishan for their cruelty. She warns Yashwant that if he continues to deny admission to Savi, she will report him to the education trust. However, Yashwant explains that he hasn’t received Savi’s transfer certificate yet. Without hesitation, Isha hands over the TC and continues to advocate for Savi’s case. The other teachers discuss among themselves that Isha happens to be Shantanu’s estranged wife, and the Bhosales are taking out their grudge on a talented student simply because she is under Ishan’s guidance.


Savi is bullied by Anvi, Durva, and her friends and locked in a room.


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