Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Upon returning home from the market, Bhavani happily shares with Harini that he picked up some juice that the boy’s family will surely enjoy. After confirming with Ashwini if the snacks are ready, she learns that Savi had prepared them herself. Bhavani then mentions how Shantabai has requested for Savi to behave well in front of the boy’s family and decides to speak with her about it. Ashwini steps in, offering to handle the situation as Savi tends to argue and get angry with Bhavani. With this, Bhavani heads off to her room, expressing how she cannot truly rest until Savi is married off. However, Harini brings to Ashwini’s attention the fact that Savi is not actually at home but instead away in Pune for a debate competition, leaving Ashwini feeling anxious.

Isha stares at Ishan emotionally in the auditorium as she waits for the competition results, thinking Ishan Bhosale won’t let her win. Ishan also looks emotional as she looks at the stage. Savi asks why she is staring at Ishan. Ishan looks emotional as well. In the debate competition, the host announces Savi’s victory. Savi jumps with joy and hugs Isha. Ishan stands. The host asks Isha to come on stage and accept the trophy.

During the award ceremony, Savi graciously accepts the trophy and certificate from Ishan. The host playfully remarks that Savi has already spoken a lot today, but should share a few more words after her victory. Savi warmly thanks Ishan for his unwavering support and encouragement, as well as her parents for being her constant source of inspiration. The host then invites Ishan to say a few words. Ishan eloquently discusses the significance of both a man and woman in a child’s life, emphasizing the importance of both parents and how a child naturally gravitates towards one more. He also acknowledges a woman’s responsibility towards society and her children, concluding with the idea that avoiding these responsibilities would not align with true femininity.

With tears in his eyes, Ishan exits the stage. Savi proudly displays her trophy to Isha. However, she is met with indifference as Isha hurries after Ishan. She catches up to him and tearfully asks after his well-being. Ishan addresses her as “mam” and inquires about her identity. Isha introduces herself as his mother, but he denies having one and accuses her of only caring about him now that he is successful. Begging him not to say such hurtful things, Isha sees that he is in pain and begs him not to push her away. Despite this, Ishan brushes off her concerns and walks away. As Isha chases after him once again, she slips but is caught by Savi’s quick reflexes. Ignoring Savi’s offer of help, Isha runs off after Ishan once more. Overcome with emotion, Ishan drives away recklessly, narrowly avoiding an accident as he struggles with his thoughts. Eventually, he breaks down completely.

At Bhosale House, Shikha is saddened by the memory of Rao Saheb forcefully deleting her social media account. Thankfully, Asmita arrives with some food for her. Shikha expresses that she feels like nobody in the house cares about her except for Asmita. Asmita acknowledges that Shikha must be thinking about her social media account and encourages her to let go and move forward. However, Shikha reveals that her account was her only connection to her past and she is tired of Surekha’s constant humiliation and boasting about marrying her son off to a girl from a poor family. Asmita agrees, mentioning that girls from poor families often have to endure mistreatment without a voice of their own. She also voices concern for her own daughters’ future, as they have become spoiled living in Bhosale House and even disrespect their own mother. Asmita shares the story of Ishan’s mother, Dr. Isha, who was progressive and taught Ishan good values before leaving him alone in his childhood.

Ashwini reminds Harini of Savi’s absence and how Bhavani always prioritizes the family’s well-being. She then urges Ninad not to contact Savi as she is not home and requests him to keep it a secret from Bhavani. As Bhavani approaches them, Savi invites Isha to join her and their friends. Isha refuses, claiming that Ishan had wrongly approached her earlier. Despite Isha asking her to let it go and enjoy her success, Savi can’t shake off the feeling that there may be some connection between them.


Savi tells Isha to get home on time otherwise Bhavani will get her married. Ishan meets with an official from Bhosale Institute and tells him about Isha’s trophy and her scholarship.


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