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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Gautam receiving a letter from the bank. Dev inquires about its contents. Gautam brushes it off and reveals that he had requested a loan. The news leaves them all disheartened, causing them to reflect on his words. He urges them to return home and proceeds to rip up the papers. Dhara declares that Chiku is free to go, but must never come back. Shweta interjects, offering to talk to him. Dev, Krish, and Shiva arrive at the house. Dhara acknowledges the importance of letting relationships run their course and not forcing anyone’s hand. She states that it’s Chiku’s decision to make. Just as Gautam arrives, Dhara accepts that it’s alright for him to choose his own path; she takes responsibility for pushing her three sons away too. The children plead with them not to push Chiku away.

In his words, Gautam asks Chiku to listen to him. He says he is your dad, I’m going to decide, I’ll slap you. She says we have lost this right as parents. She cries. Let him go, she says. He asks me how I should let him go, I’m his father. You couldn’t stop your brothers and house division, right? But you can’t stop Chiku, he regards Shweta as his mother, not me. Chiku asks Shweta to come. Dev, Shiva and Krish stop Chiku.

As Shiva asks Chiku not to leave, Chiku does. Dhara stops Gautam and says the two of us will stay together no matter what. Suman cries. Shweta asks Chiku if he can live without Dhara and family. He cries and thinks of them.

The kids run to Chiku and ask him not to leave. Shiva tells them to calm down. Rishita says she will get Chiku. Dhara stops her. Rishita says Chiku is young, he doesn’t know right and wrong. Natasha explains Chiku. Chiku says everyone is going to be divided here. She says stop, we’ll throw you a big party. He agrees. They hug her tight. Chiku is innocent, Rishita says, and Dhara asks you what you will teach him, don’t leave. The kids get Chiku back and everyone smiles.

Dhara and Gautam embrace him with joy. Natasha explains that they have organized a farewell party for him, which is why he has returned. Rishita requests Chiku to understand that Dhara is his mother. Dhara mentions their plan of throwing a farewell party for him, in hopes of him cherishing happy memories from here. She assigns Gautam with the task of making party arrangements. The children discuss how the elders are arguing over dividing the house. Gautam and his brothers observe this from a distance. Dhara sheds tears as she thinks about Chiku’s departure. She holds up Chiku’s Gullak and shares how he loves to save money, along with his medicines. Shweta expresses her desire to stay with him, but understands that he belongs with Dhara. She questions how Dhara will manage without him. Gautam overhears their conversation as he walks in. Dhara asserts that she will survive without Dev, Shiva, Krish and Chiku. This moment moves Gautam to tears.


Shiva meets Suman and asks her to stay with him, but she refuses. Dhara tells him the house is being sold.

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