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Anupama written update

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In her argument with Samar, Dimpy asserts that she did nothing wrong by making statements against Anupama in the media. Samar asks her to accept her mistake. Dimpy says he should at least support her if his family criticizes her. Samar says she is always wrong and can’t expect him to support her. Family members hear their conversation in the living room. Leela says she will interfere before Dimpy breaks Samar’s head. Hasmukh stops her. Toshu says Dimpy is always troublesome.

Vanraj acts as if he is not the cause of any problem, while Hasmukh believes that it’s best to leave the past in the past. Leela agrees with Vanraj that Malti Devi and Anupama’s disagreement may have consequences for their family. Dimpy, on the other hand, refuses to admit her mistake, and instead continues to argue with Samar. She then changes the subject and asks why he came back from Mumbai. Samar responds by saying that although sponsors were willing to allow him to perform, they couldn’t pay him. Dimpy questions if he at least got his travel expenses covered, to which Samar replies no. She angrily exclaims how he could just let go of what rightfully belongs to him. Samar asks if he should resort to begging instead. Suddenly, Samar receives a phone call and rushes away in shock.

After hosting a surprise party for Choti Anu, Anupama serves her cake and juice. Unfortunately, Choti Anu spills the juice on her dress and goes to clean up. Reflecting on the ups and downs of life, Anupama shares that while sorrows may arrive without warning, happiness must be intentionally pursued. Agreeing with her, Anuj assures that they will always strive to bring joy into their home. In the midst of their conversation, Barkha brings up the newspaper’s headline for the day. Attempting to shift his attention away from it, Anupama suggests another topic for discussion.

Despite her efforts, Anuj insists on reading the news and becomes angry upon discovering its content. Paakhi also reads it and expresses shock at Dimpy’s actions. Enraged by this news, Anuj calls the newspaper editor to demand an apology for publishing false and one-sided information. Seeing how much this situation is affecting everyone in the family, the Kapdias fear that Anupama will feel guilty for Dimpy’s behavior. However, she calmly reveals that she had already read the newspaper and has chosen not to confront Dimpy because she knows she wouldn’t understand. She then uses a metaphor to explain

Paakhi says she won’t spare Dimpy. Anupama says Paakhi won’t question Dimpy and blames herself for the consequences since she broke her teacher’s trust. In response, Anuj asks her not to blame herself, saying he will compensate Malti Devi for her losses. Paakhi says she makes Leela god and now Guru Maa god, while Anupama says she is her Guru Maa’s culprit and will face punishment.

According to Anupama, a student must fully respect and submit themselves to their guru in order to attain complete knowledge. This is a personal matter between her and her guru, and she will not be at peace until she seeks forgiveness from her Guru Maa. However, Anuj believes that she shouldn’t go too far in her devotion. Anupama reveals that when Anuj left the guru, Guru Maa took her in as a student and even named her as the successor over Nakul. Despite this, Anupama still made a mistake by ruining Guru Maa’s dream of visiting America. She acknowledges that the great Guru Maa changed her world for the better, but unfortunately, she also caused harm to Guru Maa’s world. As penance, Anupama has written 20000 pages on how an apology can make amends for her actions.

At 10 a.m., Guru Maa notices the time. Anupama decides to apologize to her now. Paakhi expresses concern over what would happen if Guru Maa refuses to forgive Anupama. However, Anupama assures her that she won’t give up until Guru Maa forgives her and then leaves. Adhik reminds everyone of the last time when Guru Maa slapped Anupama and speculates that this time she might take even harsher action. But Paakhi recalls how Anupama believes in resolving things through discussion. Meanwhile, court officials arrive at Anupama’s dance academy and proceed to seal it since it was being operated without any proper legal permission. Samar, Vanraj, and Toshu plead with the officers not to do so, but their attempts are in vain as they don’t have a commercial license for the academy. As Vanraj remembers Guru Maa’s challenge, Anupama reaches gurukul. However, Nakul stops her and expresses his concern over seeing his sister and mother struggle so much. But Anupama remains determined and declares that she won’t stop until she gets Guru Maa’s forgiveness. She then calls out to her from down below the


Anuj tells Shahs that Anupama apologized to Guru Maa and she hopes Guru Maa will forgive her. Guru Maa promises to apologize to Anupama if she dances on Sheela Ki Jawani.

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