Agnisakshi 22nd March 2023 Written Update


Agnisakshi 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Jeevika unintentionally falling into Satvik’s arms. Swara quickly checks on her, asking if she is okay. Satvik also addresses Jeevika as “Tai.” However, Jeevika realizes that Swara is on the phone and promises to speak to her later. Swara reminds her to eat and suggests that her husband may have arrived by now. Meanwhile, Narayan informs Rajnandini that Lata wants them to give a necklace to Jeevika after her first rasoi ceremony. Lata explains that it is a customary tradition for the daughter-in-law to receive ancestral jewelry after completing her first rasoi, but Rajnandini was unaware of this since she did not experience it herself.

She says she will inform Jeevika so that she can prepare. Lata Mausi says she will tell her and wants to know what she will cook.

Jeevika explains that she fell because she was not familiar with the stairs. Satvik suggests that it may have been her phone’s fault. Jeevika disagrees, stating that it was his fault for arriving late. She then asks him to join her for dinner, but he declines and opts for butter milk instead. While getting the butter milk from the kitchen, Shlok offers Jeevika some food which she refuses, saying she will eat later. Upon returning to the room, Jeevika notices that Satvik has fallen asleep while working on the sofa. She helps him sit up and places a pillow behind him before covering him with a blanket. As an Agnisakshi song plays in the background, Jeevika sees the sketch of a saree design on the board and proceeds to complete it.

Lata Mausi approaches Jeevika, requesting her to prepare breakfast for the household. Unsure of what to make, Jeevika asks for suggestions. Lata advises her to use her creativity and cook a delicious meal, as the eldest daughter-in-law is not skilled in the kitchen. Jeevika then calls Sukanya and seeks her opinion on what to cook. However, upon seeing Manohar holding her hospital file, she quickly ends the call. Left with no one else to ask, Jeevika contemplates asking her sister-in-law for ideas. Meanwhile, Sukanya retrieves her file from Manohar and hides it at Pallavi’s request.

Juhi says Rajnandini is sleeping. Jeevika says I need help, and tells about her first rasoi. Juhi asks if you are a cook as well as a tailor. She says you are multitalented. She says I will help you.

As Rajnandini arrives at the kitchen in the morning, she tells viewers Juhi said tamasha would be served today instead of breakfast. Jeevika says she didn’t prepare muesli, pancakes and croissants, she made what Juhi told her from the internet. Shlok asks Satvik to stay at home as today is Bhabhi’s first rasoi. Satvik refuses to stay and point out mistakes. Bhabhi was waiting for him and didn’t have food for him, Shlok tells him.

Jeevika inquires about a possible mistake I may have made. Rajnandini clarifies that Juhi had made an error and was not aware of the other items on the breakfast menu. She mentions that for us, baked beans, steamed vegetables, and grilled sandwiches were prepared. Jeevika expresses her willingness to try making them. Satvik volunteers to speak with Juhi and advises Jeevika not to wait for him. Shlok shares his observation that Bhabhi was eagerly waiting for you with her wishes. He adds that he was reminded of Mamma while watching her, as she used to wait for Papa in a similar manner. Shlok concludes by saying that Bhabhi will continue to wait for you like this all her life. Satvik recalls Jeevika’s words from earlier.

It worries Jeevika. Rajnandini says I’ll order and get it in 10 minutes. Jeevika says this is my first rasoi, so I’ll make it. She says she’ll make poha. Rajnandini tells Jeevika to relax and says nobody will question her. Narayan calls Jeevika. Jeevika says she doesn’t agree.

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