Agnisakshi 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh’s Return Creates Chaos in the Mehra Family


Agnisakshi 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Udkarsh looking at the locket while hiding in the car deck. Sundari sees Jeevika and Satvik leaving in the car and calls Rajnandini to inform her. Rajnandini tells Sundari they left so soon and asks her to concentrate on him. Sundari assures her that your safekeeping is here. Rajnandini smiles. Jeevika and Satvik reach home and enter. Utkarsh looks at the house from the car deck. Jeevika talks to Jhanvi, saying she’ll help her with the project someday.

Satvik asks her to go and says he will also come. Jeevika says you have a meeting to attend, so she asks him to go. Seeing Utkarsh, the watchman asks him to leave. She goes with the driver. Utkarsh runs away. The watchman says there was an odd man. Satvik asks Jeevika to sit in the car, and I will send the driver.

Rajnandini approached Satvik, inquiring whether he had read the highlighted file from Mehta. Satvik confirms that he has. Rajnandini mentions speaking to Papa’s doctor, who revealed fluctuating reports. Satvik proposes seeking treatment in the US. However, Rajnandini points out that not everyone can afford such luxuries and emphasizes his mental condition. According to the doctor, taking him to a psychiatrist would be beneficial as his pain is linked to Utkarsh. The goal is to help him accept Utkarsh’s passing, which Lata Mausi also agrees with. She believes that his shradh will bring him peace. As Satvik becomes emotional, Rajnandini smiles slightly.

When Utkarsh falls on the car, Jeevika shouts Ashok. Ashok tells her not to worry. Jeevika says we have to take him to the hospital. People gather there. One guy says your driver was not mistaken for them; he was drunk. Jeevika says even he will have a family who will wait for him and will take him to the hospital.

Satvik tells Narayan that they will do Utkarsh’s shradh. Narayan cries and tells Satvik that he has hurt him a lot. He says he won’t believe it until he sees his dead body. Rajnandini hears them and smiles. Narayan feels chest pain. Satvik shouts to Shlok and Aadhya. They go there. Satvik says we will take him to the hospital.

To distance him from Satvik, Rajnandini tells the viewers that Papa will not die soon, and I won’t let him die now. He has to drink the blood of his sons, and this attack will be on his heart. She says that Utkarsh’s shradh is the beginning of this house’s demise. They will shed blood tears like they made me cry.

Jeevika rushes Utkarsh to the hospital, where the doctor informs her that he is experiencing severe trauma. Reassuringly, Jeevika assures the doctor not to worry about any financial burden as she will take care of it. The doctor then advises that they must operate on him to stop the bleeding. Upon exiting the room, Jeevika spots Satvik, Shlok, and Aadhya, hastening Narayan to go to the same hospital. As she joins them, Satvik embraces her and blames himself for what has happened. Shlok suggests that they all face the truth together. However, Jeevika reminds them they cannot hurt their father or anyone else. Satvik only wishes for their father’s recovery, while Aadhya wonders how Jeevika arrived so quickly and if Rajnandini Bhabhi had informed her about their father’s condition.

Jeevika recounts that she had been present when the accident occurred and took on the responsibility of getting the injured man to the hospital and ensuring he received treatment. When the doctor arrives, Jeevika informs him that the patient requires a rare blood type due to previous injuries. Satvik inquires about the blood type, and the doctor replies O negative. Without hesitation, Satvik volunteers to donate his blood. Jeevika expresses her concern, but Satvik reassures her not to worry. The doctor then instructs the nurse to take a sample of Satvik’s blood first. As Satvik prepares to meet Utkarsh, who is in a nearby bed behind a curtain, he offers a prayer for his recovery and pledges to dedicate his life as a gift to his family.

It makes Rajnandini happy to see Narayan there, but she cannot decide what to do, so she acts to sympathize with him. Papa, if you are okay. Narayan says I don’t know how Satvik could think of Utkarsh’s Shradh. Rajnandini says I’m also looking for an answer, and asks how Satvik can think of his shradh without knowing that he died. Until you wait for Satvik, she says she thought Satvik was doing this for you.

She says we will wait for him, but I’ll accept Satvik’s words that I’m a widow now. She lies. Narayan apologizes to her on Satvik’s behalf. Satvik comes there. Narayan says I want to rest. Rajnandini asks him to talk to Papa later. Satvik goes. In the game of emotions, she believes Rajnandini is the most significant player.

Immediately following a blood transfusion, Utkarsh becomes conscious. As he holds his head, he finds the syringe in his hand, which he takes out. He falls down the bed while attempting to get down, then gets up and leaves the ward. Satvik and Shlok stand in front of him, and he tries to remember them.


Satvik comes home and asks what’s going on. Jeevika says Utkarsh dada’s shradh arrangements. Rajnandini acts, shouts Utkarsh, and pretends to faint. Juhi holds her. Jeevika asks why Vahini behaves as if she opposed the shradh when it is Vahini’s idea. Afterwards, Jeevika surprises Rajnandini and all the family members by bringing Utkarsh to Savitri Nivas.

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