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They know there is a misunderstanding between Inder and Angad, and when Angad clarifies the misunderstanding, Sahiba wonders why she wants to leave the house. Sahiba tells Sahiba that there is a reason for her to leave this house. Angad asks if she is acting childishly despite what he said. Sahiba says he told whoever he wanted to and now she is free to leave. Sahiba says things won’t turn out as he thinks.

He can’t understand what she’s saying, he had already clarified the confusion. Sahiba says everything he said was a lie and a show off. Their relationship was also nothing more than a show off. She is talking trash about him, so Manveer yells at her son that he should give Sahiba a higher position. Her parents now realize why Jasleen opposed their coronation of Sahiba, as they wanted to coronate her without listening to her.

Angad expresses his desire to speak with Sahiba privately and takes her hand. In response, Sahiba cautions him against touching her. This causes a stir among the others present. Manveer loudly questions who would behave this way towards their own spouse. Sahiba acknowledges that only she can truly understand her own pain, but promises to discuss it with Angad later. However, Angad remains under the impression that Sahiba is still upset about his lack of response to Seerat’s proposal and disregards his own words from a few minutes ago. He asks her what about those very words he spoke earlier, to which Sahiba admits she understands his intentions.

He asks how she can ignore his feelings and wishes to leave him. Sahiba says she knows what he is up to. Seerat realizes that Sahiba heard what Angad told her and thinks he proposed her rather than Sahiba. Angad tells her that if she has any problems, she needs to talk to him privately and not in front of the others. Sahiba says he did not leave a choice for her.

Japjyoth explains that things were going smoothly until someone cast an evil eye on them again. Sahiba directs an angry gaze towards Seerat. Jasleen wonders why Sahiba is so upset with Seerat. Seerat accuses Sahiba of always doing whatever she wants and never offering an explanation. Akaal expresses his surprise at the situation escalating to the point of breaking their relationship without his knowledge, and he wants to understand what led to it. Gurleen urges Sahiba to voice her thoughts. Veer suggests that Angad may have said something to upset her. Angad questions whether Sahiba’s ego is more important to her than their relationship, as she seems to remember the things he kept hidden rather than what he revealed just a few minutes ago.

Sahiba inquires if Inder is unaware of why she wishes to end their relationship. He urges Sahiba to share the reason with him so they can work through it together. However, Sahiba remains adamant and declares she will not back down. Japjyoth turns to Manveer and questions why their children are choosing to separate. Manveer responds by saying that even she doesn’t know, agreeing with Seerat that Sahiba tends to act impulsively. Inder interjects, acknowledging Sahiba’s contributions to the family and vowing not to let her leave. But Angad interrupts, stating that he cannot justify Sahiba’s actions and ultimately allows her to do as she pleases.

When Sahiba returns home crying, she packs her bag. She notices Angad’s gift purse and her ID card, remembering how Angad hid her ID card so he could spend more time with her before she left for college. In 2 days, Japjyoth will coronate her and assign her the Brar family’s responsibility, but she will remain a Monga rather than a Brar. Gurleen cries. Sahiba says she loves it that way.

She is asked to calm down by Veer because Angad and Sahiba cannot survive without one another. Manveer tells Japjyoth that she was opposed to her decision to coronate Sahiba because Sahiba is selfish and does whatever she wants to without caring about others’ feelings. As Simran walks to Inder, she asks where Sahiba is as she draws her sketch for her. Sahiba leaves with her bag. Veer asks Angad to stop Sahiba. Angad shouts he won’t beg Sahiba to stop, let her go.


Angad gets a bouquet and thinks Sahiba sent it. He meets and yells at her for sending flowers after breaking up with him. Sahiba denies it and finds a note from Mirza. A man grins psychopathically in the darkness.

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