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Suhaagan 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Phoolmati steals the money from Bindiya’s book. Bhim tells her she has earned more than this, and brought medicine for Amma. Phoolwati threatens to break her pride. The seller sells her an injection and medicine, and she says the injection will directly hurt Bindiya’s heart.

A day later, Bindiya asks Ram Pyaari why there is no food. Phoolwati tells Bhim that she is right that Bindiya is in pain. Bhim asks what to do. Bindiya tells Dadi Ram Pyaari is not eating and is unwell. Dadi says it might be emotional or because she misses Bindiya. In school, Master Ji asks Bindiya what happened.

Bindiya tells him about Ram Pyaari. He asks her to take Ram Pyaari to a vet. Bindiya tells him she has another problem and tells him that she hasn’t spoken to Payal yet. Master Ji gives her a mobile phone. Rekha calls Madan, but he can’t be reached. Madan asks Rekha to remain calm until he returns.

Bhim and Phoolwati arrive at the farm to burn them with kerosene oil. A farmer catches Bhim while Phoolwati hides. Bhim tells the farmer that he is here to relieve himself. The farmer scolds him and asks him not to pollute the farmland. She leaves. As Payal massages Rekha’s feet, he looks out into the schoolyard.

Ram Pyaari is infected by the doctor. He asks her to pay him 150 Rs for the injection and medication. Bindiya says she has 120 Rs and checks, but she doesn’t have money. The doctor refuses to treat Ram Pyaari, believing her condition will deteriorate. Phoolwati believes she injected medicine into it with her money.

She asks Payal to change her clothes while Rekha’s friend comes home and asks her to come out with her and lift the shopping bags with her. As Bindiya harvests the farm, the farmer says there won’t be a buyer by night. Bindiya gives Master ji 70 rupees and thanks him for it.

When Rekha visits the tailor’s shop, she gives Payal measurements. Payal asks when we’ll go home. Rekha scolds her. Her friend suggests something. If Payal calls anyone or tries to elope, Rekha will beat her in the dark room. She gets ice cream for Payal and asks her to have it silently until she returns. Bindiya gets the idea to sell her mother’s chain but then decides against it. She gets another idea and is happy.


A woman in a car approaches Payal and says we are from the police. Payal gets in her car and the woman drops her home.

Bindiya’s efforts on the farms are burned by Phoolwati.

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