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Meet inhales the toxic fumes and faints, making Chiku frantic. He exits the car in a rush looking for help, while Sumeet manages to conceal him from Sarkar. Informing Sumeet about Meet’s circumstances and her desperate need for water, Sumeet assures Chiku that she will get water and advises him to stay with Meet. Anxious about the gravity of the situation, Sumeet looks forward to Manmeet’s recovery. She enters the house coughing, and Sarkar proposes they give her some water. He hands her a bottle of water, which she carries with her as she leaves.

When Sarkar asks Sumeet where she is going, she comes up with an excuse, citing the need to get some fresh air. Chiku and Sumeet sprinkle water on Meet’s face, and she regains consciousness. Chiku smiles with relief. Sumeet asks Meet to go inside, and they share a heartfelt hug. With the help of Badri, Shagun is freed by burning the rope with a lighter.

Masoom realizes that Meet is present as soon as Sumeet steps out of the car and comprehends that Manmeet had deceived Shagun. Sumeet is given food and considers that Meet and Chiku must also be hungry. In a flash, the power goes out, leaving them in total darkness.

Sumeet finds herself in the middle of a group of individuals wearing black masks, holding bells that cause ringing in her ears. She attempts to block the sound with her hands, only to discover that it was enough to cause Masoom’s daughter to faint. Afterwards, Shagun appears and begins questioning Sumeet about Meet’s whereabouts, and under the pressure Masoom makes an involuntary statement which implies Meet is in Sarkar’s car. Quickly taking advantage of this discovery, Shagun jumps into the vehicle and speeds away. In a state of anguish, tears streaming down her face, Manmeet arrives just when Sumeet breaks down and informs him about his brother’s abduction alongside Chiku. Instantly, he decides to pursue Shagun and is able to catch up with her when she stops at a certain distance from their location and orders Meet to get out of the car.

Shagun grabs Chiku’s hand and tries to take him, but Chiku hits Shagun’s leg and goes back to Meet. Mahendra appears from the other side as Meet tries to escape. The two of them hide in a storeroom, hiding behind sacks. Sarkar, Mahendra, and Shagun search for them. Mahendra catches Chiku, but Meet pleads with him to let him go.

Disregarding her desperate pleas, Mahendra reluctantly passes Chiku over to Shagun. Fearing for Chiku’s safety, Meet grabs a rod and warns Mahendra to halt. In response, Shagun counters by tossing something into Meet’s eyes, enabling Mahendra to reclaim Chiku once more. As tensions escalate to their breaking point, Manmeet finally arrives, observing Meet humbly folding her hands, prepared to do whatever it takes to regain custody of Chiku.

Manmeet pledges to fulfill any desire in return for Chiku’s safety. To his astonishment, Sarkar reveals that Shagun had orchestrated the abduction with his direction. He proposes a deal; if Manmeet agrees, she will free Chiku and he must leave Meet for sarkar’s residence. Manmeet is left in a dilemma, yet he ultimately chooses to part ways with Meet if it ensures the reunion of Meet and Chiku.

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