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Meet 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the hospital, Shlok knocks at Sumeet’s door and attempts to unlock it while he is unconscious. He turns off the poisonous gas line. When Sumeet wakes up, Shlok gives her a lighter. Sumeet asks Shlok to stay away from the door. Shlok becomes tensed and hides. With the help of an explosion, Sumeet unlocks the door.

The nurse attends to Sumeet while she inquires about Priya’s safety from Raj and questions Shlok about his arrival despite disappointing Poonam. He reassures her that life is the top priority. Sumeet notices haldi on Shlok’s sherwani and jokingly applies it to her own face, causing him to smile. Meanwhile, Shagun searches for her phone and sees Sumeet and Shlok conversing with Priya and Raj. Realizing her failed plan to make Raunak reveal the truth, she changes her strategy against Sumeet. Sumeet reminds Shlok to go home as Poonam may be worried, but Raj promises to join them later. As Shagun makes a suspicious call, her devious plans continue.

Priya insists on getting justice for herself, and she wants Shlok and Sumeet to unite as they are meant for each other. Sumeet advises Priya to back out of the plan if she feels hesitant.

By pretending to be an old lady selling toys, Shagun tricks Priya into becoming unconscious. Raunak calls Shagun and threatens to reveal the truth to Sumeet if she doesn’t get him out of jail. She feels triumphant as her plan succeeds. As Priya is alive and with her, Shagun assures him she already has evidence to prove his innocence.

At the police station, Shagun arrives with someone in a burkha whom she claims to be the girl accusing Raunak of murder. To everyone’s surprise, Sumeet unveils herself from the burkha but then suddenly acts dizzy. She reveals that she had swapped places with Priya after noticing Shagun’s distinctive footwear when she was disguised as an elderly woman. Sumeet continues to provoke Raunak, accusing him of harming Priya and cautioning Shagun that they will be held accountable for any harm to her in the future. She also teases Shagun about her failed plan.


Poonam slaps Sumeet in front of everyone and says I will not accept this girl as my daughter in law. Sumeet tells Raj and Shlok this is the best time to pressure Raunak so he will tell the truth. As Shagun says, you have three days to reveal the truth.


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