Pandya Store 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Raavi shouting Shiva and rushing to him. The match manager says Shiva won the fight and the other fighter badly beat him. She asks Shiva to open his eyes. She shouts Shiva. Shiva opens his eyes. She said I thought I lost you, get up, we will go to the doctor. He says I’m fine, take the money for Chutki first. She says everything is with Chutki. She takes him. The manager gives him 50000 rupees. Raavi and Shiva leave. She gets him to the hospital.

Suman says Raavi also stopped you from going. Shiva asks if Chutki is okay. Rishita says yes. Shiva gives the money to her. Doctor calls the doctor. Dhara says you tried to stop Shiva, how did that happen? You don’t care about this, Raavi says. You refused to stop him, you just wanted money, are you happy now, nobody stopped him, and now everyone is crying.

We are busy arranging money, my mind isn’t working, you always find me wrong, why am I telling you, if this gives you peace, you put the blame on me. I don’t blame you, I asked you to stop Shiva, you didn’t listen, I fell so lonely there, I felt alone in the world, you don’t understand all this, you were supporting him until he stood by you.

As Shiva is sensible and Chutki is a baby, I had to be here for Rishita and Chutki. Raavi hugs Rishita. Rishita tells her not to cry. In the morning, Dhara cries. The doctor says congratulations. Chutki is responding now, and recovery is going well. Don’t do this in front of the kids again.

The doctor tells Dhara that Shiva isn’t fine, he has an internal injury in the head, and he will have to have surgery soon, which will cost 7-8 lakhs. Dhara says I wish Shiva gets well soon. Raavi asks about the surgery. Doctor says he’s refusing it. She says I’ll talk to him about it. Dhara says we will do it for Shiva’s life. Suman cries. Raavi shouts Shiva. Everyone rushes and finds Shiva gone.

Raavi says when he heard about 8 lakhs, he might have gone home. Krish calls Shiva. He says he might have gone home. Shiva is at home. Raavi scolds him. Raavi says there is only one way to get money; we will mortgage the house, Shiva will get treated, and we will start a new company. Gautam says I will sell myself to get your treatment. Raavi says there is only one way to get money; we will mortgage the house, Shiva will get treated, and we will start a new company.

Krish laughs. Raavi asks do you think this is a joke, this is happening because of you, you shouldn’t have married Shweta. Rishita says yes. Krish laughs. I’m not laughing at anyone’s sorrow, but at Rishita’s hypocrisy, you got ready to mortgage the house when problems came, you didn’t listen to Dhara, you didn’t think where will we go if we can’t find money.

When Dhara asked for support, you all taunted her, but when she asked you to do anything, you started thinking of her. Dhara says Krish, don’t talk to anyone for me, I do not think Raavi is wrong, I would have done the same if I were in her place, even my life is there for Shiva. I feel we should try our plan once, we’ll get the store and the money back from Shweta, I’m sure we can accomplish it.

Then she asks who will support you. Everyone joins hands. Suman says we won’t lose the store or house until Dhara arrives. As Krish spreads the news of the house sale, the man says he has come to buy the Pandya store. Krish asks what happened.

Today I have sealed the deal in 12 lakhs, and I will buy the house as well. Krish says he cannot imagine you running our store. Kaki asks the man to come, Shweta can cancel the deal. He says Krish should come soon. Krish comes and tells them Mansukh Seth is buying the store. They are shocked. Shweta checks the paperwork.


Suman is ill, so a kid makes kites and sends them to everyone.

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