Pandya Store 10th January 2023 Written Update

Krish says Mansukh told me that the beggar became Mansukh’s girlfriend, and she supported Shweta. Dhara smiles and gets an idea. Mansukh and Kaki arrive at Shweta’s. Kaki asks for money. Shweta gives it to her. Mansukh says Pandyas are selling the house. Shweta is shocked.

In response to Dhara’s question, Krish says yes, why are you so happy. Dhara says Shweta will come to buy our house and we will refuse. Kaki will inform Shweta. As Krish told me, they need money to run the house, you’re smart, you got their store. She thanks him and says that we should postpone the registry.

Krish asks why she would support us if we agree, Dhara says she will doubt, Shweta will read every paper carefully, and we will make the deal using that old woman. She says a poison cuts off the poison, see how I make that old woman against Shweta, that old woman is greedy, we will pay her. Shweta locks the store. Mansukh asks if she will give it to him.

You think how will you convince your son and bahu for our marriage? Shweta collides with Dhara. Dhara puts a ghunghat on her face. She drops the flyer. Rishita and Raavi learn Shweta is coming. They start acting accordingly. Shweta hears Raavi and Rishita talking. She laughs. Raavi says we’ll come on roads; if I were a Pandya family enemy, I’d have bought this house first. They leave.

She also enters the house. She asks Suman how they are living without her. She says I have decided to buy your house for 25 lakhs. Shweta doesn’t notice her. It angers them. Raavi and Rishita ask Shweta to buy the house. They thank her for the favor. Suman says I won’t forget what my bahus said.

She told me no, that means no, I am the eldest in the family, just go out if you want. Shweta argues. Raavi and Rishita act and argue with Dhara. She says it won’t look good if all of you go out and beg me to sell this house. Suman says no, I can’t give my house to you, get out, otherwise I’ll call the police. Suman scolds Raavi and Rishita.

Then she asks Shweta if she heard Suman. She asks Suman to leave. She makes Shweta leave. Shweta gets angry. Suman says it was not my acting, but my reaction to seeing Shweta. Rishita praises her acting. Suman says just tell whatever is necessary. Rishita says yes. Krish asks what Shweta said.

Shweta gets angry seeing the Pandya store photo. Suman says you’d know. Dhara says I know how to handle this girl, keep an eye on her, get to work. A man comes to the Pandya store and takes the delivery order. Shweta argues with him, asking him to leave. She says I have to get Pandya Nivaas. As she thinks of it, Krish notices the insecticide bottle in her hand. He asks if it was to take revenge on me.


As Suman is ill, Chiku makes kites and sends them to everyone.

As Dhara says, you must die. Suman says alright. Chiku rushes to open the door and sees his little cousins.

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