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Suhaagan 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya about to fall, but Krish holds her. Baldev thanks the God. Sakshi believes Bindiya didn’t fall, so she steps on the oily floor, and falls too. As Indu asks her, who made the oil fall on the floor, Sakshi says she doesn’t know. Bindiya, Krish and others come to the inhouse temple, and bend down in front of the goddess. The coconut falls on her pallu.

Indu says let’s do the other rasams, and Baldev is happy. Sakshi says that the earthquake hit the temple. Baldev says the Goddess has filled her lap and blessed her. Payal thinks how can I fail to plan and how can Krish do this to me. She then laughs madly shocking the people on the bus stop. She says you thought you were a good planner, but you are a loser, and that Bindi…behenji is ruling in Krish’s palace, and you are on the street like a beggar. The lady says it seems like she has gone mad. Payal shouts angrily.

The ring will be put in the milk by Nidhi, who says whoever takes it out will rule. Nidhi’s husband says like your sister rules. Nidhi becomes upset. The lady explains the importance of rasam. Krish doesn’t put his hand in the milk. Vikram says Krish has accepted defeat. Baldev asks Krish to play the game. Krish gets the ring, but keeps it near Bindiya’s fingertips, so she finds it.

The lady says they will open the kangans in which the patience will be tested. Indu says let’s end the rasams and go to sleep. She says she is tired. Bindiya opens Krish’s hand’s kangan and he gets up and leaves. Baldev and Indu ask Krish what happened. Krish says he’s tired. Baldev tells him to send his friends home and to visit Bindiya.

During a conversation, Krish tells Nikku that he got married in Tashan. Nikku says she warned her of the risk. Krish asks what will happen on wedding night, since Bindiya is waiting. His friend says he’ll tell him. Krish gets angry. Later, he sits with his friends, who make him eat spicy pakodas. He drinks the spiked soft drink and leaves. The friend says that he spiked it. Nikku gets tense as a result.

When Bindiya practices giving Krish kesar milk, she sits down on the bed. Krish smiles as he sits beside her and lifts her veil. Bindiya’s imagination plays the Sadak song…. Nidhi arrives and tells him she is coming to take her phone. He takes her phone and leaves.

Nidhi asks Krish why he is getting impatient to go to room, since it is just muh dikhayi ritual, so you have to live through it for life. When Krish enters his room, Bindiya says you have come, Krishna ji. Krish thinks she has covered her face, he is not interested in seeing her face, muh dikhayi rasam shall go to hell. Then Bindiya collapses on his lap and says, “I’m done with my muh dikhayi.”


Krish runs away from his room after Payal sends him a message or video. Bindiya is shocked. Payal challenges to ruin Bindiya’s suhaag raat and make Krish her own.

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