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Mayank says that we will go to Giriraj’s house. Kavya says we will get an answer there, so we’re going. He gets excited and hugs her. She asks why you’re happy. He says I will change and come. Sanjeev says fine. He ends the call and says Anusha is coming in the Diwali party, and Kavya might also come. Kavya recalls Adi. Shubh is on the phone. Gauri says bad sight shouldn’t catch you, how’s the wedding theme.

Then Jaideep asks Shubh how he got that letter signed by Giriraj. As I told you, Rajeev was in jail, so I asked Giriraj to sign it. Jaideep thinks you’re not very resourceful, Giriraj won’t agree easily, how did you do it? Gauri says Shubh, go and give sweets to Kavya’s family, tell them that the pandit will come tomorrow to fix the date. Shubh leaves. Malini becomes angry and begins singing. Giriraj asks Omi if Omi had read his speech. She says no, she did not have time.

Giriraj had mentioned the importance of reading what was given to them. Upon hearing this, his companion questioned whether she would be able to fix what needed to be fixed, as she had little experience in doing so. She admitted to have made mistakes in the past and suggested that he, being more skilled at fixing such things, should handle it instead. However, he reassured her that he was capable of giving a speech and didn’t need her assistance, and then left with Omi. Alka noticed that everyone had left and decided to use this opportunity to practice her dance routine. Malini observed her from a distance before leaving. Meanwhile, Anusha was getting ready for an event and Mayank couldn’t help but admire her. Kavya teased him about staring too much and reminded him that Anusha wouldn’t appreciate it either. They both left together for a Diwali party they were invited to by a friend. Anjali suggested taking Shubh along so he could also enjoy himself, but Mayank felt he would get bored there.

Kavya smiles and says it’s my posting order when Anjali gives the letter to her. Rajeev smiles and says it’s his posting order. Anjali asks Rajeev to come fast. She asks where the posting is. Kavya says Bhamalpur. Anjali jokes. Rajeev says it’s nearby, just one hour away. Anjali says great. Mayank says I’ll meet Kavya every week. Anjali says we’ll prepare for marriage, and Kavya leaves.

Malini inquired of Adi about his destination, to which he replied that he did not wish to attend the party as his friends would understand. Just then, Sanjeev intervened and informed Adi that Anusha and Kavya were on their way. Malini noticed the servant carrying the halwa and reprimanded him for it, as she had to take it to the Mahila ashram. Adi comforted her and asked what was wrong. Malini explained that every year on this particular day, she becomes tensed as she has to ensure everyone at the ashram receives food and is happy.

He says he can’t get happy seeing her with another person. He collides with Kavya and they fall down. Apna bana le…plays…They have an eyelock. Alka jokes and asks him to get Kavya inside. Mayank and everyone smile. Adi gives his hand to Kavya. Shubh says hello and walks in.

Anusha greets Adi, Shubh says you didn’t say you were coming. Kavya says we made a sudden plan. Mayank and Sanjeev argue with Shubh. Kavya asks Shubh to come. Kavya asks Shubh if you have hidden anything from Shubh. Kavya says no, you didn’t invite Shubh, why. Adi dances with Anusha. He invites Shubh. Kavya says I’m going. Shubh says we’ll stay back.

Alka invites them over, and upon seeing Kavya, Malini greets her with a smile. Giriraj sifts through some documents and laments that had Malini read the speech, she would have been able to fix it. Omi reassures his father that he is more than capable of handling the task at hand. In frustration, Giriraj crumples the papers in his hand. A man enters with a paper in hand and informs them that it’s Malini’s speech. After checking it, Giriraj’s face beams with satisfaction. Alka points out that Kavya should be understanding of her love for Adi while Malini smiles on proudly. Alka then suggests playing a card game to Adi and the others, who all gather around to join in the fun as “Aa dekhe zara” plays in the background. During the game, Kavya and Adi try to make each other jealous while also playfully teasing one another. Adi emerges as the victor of the game and jokingly chides Kavya for being such an expert at lying despite losing. Exasperated, Shubh tells him to keep quiet.

Adi holds Anusha close. Kavya holds Shubh’s hand. Mayank and Sanjeev notice Kavya and Adi’s jealousy game. Adi says you’re a bluffmaster, you show something and do something, right? Kavya says I’m cheating in the game, not on life. Adi says breaking trust is cheating.


Kavya and Adi dance in the party. Tum kya mile plays… Giriraj asks what’s going on, they don’t have any match. Kavya says Shubh, I love Adi, not you. She goes to Adi.

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