Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th November 2023 Written Episode: Durva’s Anguish & Surekha’s Revenge Plot


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Durva shouts if they cannot see that she is in deep sorrow when Ishan and Anvi organize a sibling party for her. Anvi says they got out of such a horrible event, let’s move on. Ishan and Ishan blame Durva for blindly trusting Savi and beating innocent Sam, and Durva refuses to listen. Ishan says Sam is a fraud, and his father confessed to their crimes. Durva says that it is Sam’s past and that he has changed. Ishan fails to convince Durva. They both leave.

During this time, Ishan prepares milk for him and Anvi. Anvi says she cannot see Durva’s condition and is worried about her. Ishan assures her she will be fine, but Anvi asks how he knows. Ishan says that even Durva will forget Sam and move on, just as he did with Reeva and got out of the pain. He imagines Reeva, who asks if he moved on, then why he always imagines her; he cannot forget her. She asks why he is teary-eyed.

Ishan recalls yesterday’s event. Anvi says he hasn’t forgotten about Reeva. Ishan says he will, but Anvi feels anxious that if Savi hadn’t exposed Sam, a huge disaster would have occurred. According to Ishan, Savi is a fighter. She has a short temper, but she always stands up for what’s right without thinking about the consequences or people’s anger. Savi looks at her parents’ pictures and tells them Ishan supported her, going against everyone. Ishan continues to praise Savi.

Surekha searches for everyone but cannot find them. She imagines Ishan confronting her for risking Durva’s life and threatening never to listen to or support her decisions again. Isha walks in and says nobody believes her now. Nishi, Asmita, Shikha, and Yashwant confront her for making wrong decisions and trying to control their lives. Surekha shouts at her to leave the house.

Isha’s goal is to get Ishan married to Savi as revenge for Surekha’s atrocities toward her. She says she is Ishan’s mother and will take revenge on her. Surekha shouts that the house belongs to her and that she is Ishan’s mother, not Isha. As Isha continues to challenge Surekha, she throws her out of the house. Surekha wakes up and realizes this is her nightmare. She goes out to get water.

Baji Rao beats Mandar and Samrudh for their crimes. Mandar pleads not to beat him, and he won’t repeat his mistakes. Samrudh counts every lash. Mandar asks him what he counts. For every lash, Samrudh says, he’ll take revenge and make Savi’s life miserable. Mandar says he’ll kill her. Samrudh asks him not to do that because he’ll torture her so much that she’ll beg for death.

Getting water from the kitchen, Surekha hears someone crying on the terrace, so she walks there. Durva hugs her there and says she cannot forget the punishment her family gave Sam and the support she gave Savi, and she will ruin Savi’s life for ruining hers, etc. Durva says she will support Durva and even wants revenge on Savi and Isha.


Surekha says she won’t let Savi invite Isha to Bhosale Institute. Nishi tells Yashwant that this year’s cultural festival will be good. Shantanu asks them to check this year’s judge list. Ishan finds Isha’s name on it and asks who added it. Nishi replies that the organization is doing a good job, and Isha is not going to judge the festival, nor will Savi win it.

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