Pukaar 30th May 2024: Saraswati Suspects Murder, Driver Reveals Shocking Truth (Written Update)

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Saraswati reveals her husband has been murdered, Digvijay recalls when he ordered Kamal to make sure no one stays alive, and they all are done, Mr Mehta asks how she knows. They were all here four days ago when he made Gautham chairman, but after half an hour, they got into an accident, so it can’t be a coincidence since this is a preplanned murder with an apparent motive.

In response to Mr Mehta’s question about why they made Gautham chairman after getting all the votes, Saraswati replies that everyone did not vote. Digvijay stands by Saraswati and explains he believes Gautham’s death was not an accident but a plot. As Saraswati calls the inspector to the Mansion, she tells Maa that even Digvijay Ji believes it was a murder, so she tells her that she has asked the inspector to uncover the truth.

Kamal insists that the person be taken into the house as he is responsible for what happened to Saraswati. The Inspector then accused the person of causing the accident with their truck, prompting Kamal to mention that they could not find evidence due to Digvijay’s interference. Saraswati becomes emotional as she looks at Digvijay, who apologizes and explains that he couldn’t tell her anything before due to her condition. He was only suspicious then, but now he is confident. Digvijay angrily grabs the driver, blaming him for ruining Saraswati’s life and asking if he can see her current state.

When Saraswati recalls the accident, she slaps the driver angrily, asking on whose orders he did everything, which led to the deaths of her husband and her daughters. Saraswati demands the person’s name, refusing to let him leave before he tells the name, but Digvijay keeps looking at Digvijay while Rageshwari holds his hand to keep it from shaking.

The driver raises his fingers, causing disbelief in Digvijay, Rageshwari, and the rest of the family. Saraswati turns to Digvijay, but the driver admits he has struggled with these questions for the past 24 hours. With no one else to blame, Rageshwari lets go of Digvijay’s hand. The driver apologizes profusely to Saraswati, explaining that he was trying to rush at the constant demands of their boss. He kneels before her, seeking forgiveness for his mistake.

Saraswati asks if he is calling it a mistake when he ruined her happy life by snatching her husband Gautham, and who knows where her daughters are right now, as she is emotional about him saying it was a mistake. He replies that he will receive a curse from a mother and a wife, that he will lose his loved ones, and that once his children are taken away from him, he will receive his just punishment.

Taking a seat in front of the picture of Gautham, Saraswati apologizes for being unable to take care of his daughters without him. She remembers when he said they didn’t need him, so she explains she does. When Rageshwari asks Saraswati if the daughters are alive, she replies that they are alive as a mother feels this way. As the servant informs Saraswati that both Yamini and Jhanvi have been seen at a bus stop, Saraswati runs to the bus stop.

During their trip to take Jhanvi, he replies that they cannot take such a huge risk because he thinks the police are still searching for them. While Yamini enters the bus, Mauri brings Yamini to the bus stand and purchases a snack for her, Saraswati reaches the bus stop and calls to her daughters, Mauri takes Yamini away while Jhanvi sits in the bus, Kamal asks if she found them and runs to the other side.

Mauri beckons Yamini to climb on top of the bus, ensuring that her mother will be with her. Saraswati then boards the bus and asks if anyone has seen two little girls. Yamini sits on top of the bus while Jhanvi sits inside. Despite Saraswati’s constant calls, she is unable to find them. Outside, Yamini happily plays with a balloon, eventually bringing it onto the top of the bus, where she continues playing. Both girls are enjoying themselves. Emotions run high as Saraswati becomes increasingly emotional. Mauri protects Yamini from harm, and even their mother embraces Jhanvi before the bus departs.

Upon being unable to find her daughters, Saraswati kneels on the road, screaming. Rageshwari tells Digvijay they have to ruin her hope again and again, along with her strength, so Saraswati loses all faith because the warrior who has lost his heart will not win the war and how will she manage the business, explaining they need to make this wounded lioness into a weak cat, stating she is entirely confident no one will come to her aid.

She pleads to someone twenty years later to listen to her as the person sat in the women’s seat when their father asked them to stand up, or she would be coming. A person asks if Rani of Jhansi is coming, and since he isn’t scared of anyone, does the person even know about him? He becomes worried when Vedika tells him his name is Devi Lal Ji and even tells him that detectives are following him.

Upon learning that a box and a note may have slipped out of the vehicle, Vedika asks him to look. Devi Lal walks away when she suggests that he sit in the back seat. However, he insists on sitting in the same seat. Vedika then explains that twenty-five per cent of seats in public buses are reserved for women as per transport laws. For a male to sit, there must be no available female. The mother introduces her daughter, who has studied law, and the father expresses his pride at seeing this aspect of her.

The young boy proudly presents a balloon to the girl, complimenting her strength. He excitedly shares that his mother is expecting another child, and he hopes for a sister just like her. The group applauds as she blesses all his wishes for them to come true. Settling into her seat, she begins playing with the balloon, wishing for a spirited sister who could help fix the world’s issues. Unfortunately, she loses the balloon, but thankfully, Koyal catches it and reflects on a bus journey from two decades ago.


Pandit jee responds that Saraswati is still living in the fake promise that her daughters will return, which means it won’t be a phoney desire since he believes they will return. Sagar is driving the car, and a dupatta blocks his windscreen. He removes the dupatta but is unable to locate her.

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