Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th November 2023 Written Episode: Mandira’s Twisted Plan Unveiled

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

I always prayed to you, but you made me lose to that cheap Shakti, Mandira says when she arrives at the Mandir. Guruji asks why she looks stressed today. Mandira asks why I am failing against Shiv and Shakti. Guruji thinks you will lose sight of your destination if you try to change fate. Shiv and Shakti are one, so it is impossible to separate them. Shiv and Shakti are made together, and their fate is sealed. What can I do now?

Mandira says you should not take her name. Guruji says you thought you were God, but Shakti has turned you into a crying human. Guruji says Shakti is Sati, but she was separated from Mahadev because she insulted and left him as a repentance. What do you mean, Mandira says? He says if you want to separate Shiv and Shakti, you have to let them get united first, and then she will have to prove her loyalty, and she will fail the test and leave Shiv to repent for what she has done.

Mandira is determined to bring Shiv and Shakti together, even though she knows their past may come between them. After getting an idea, she seeks the approval of Guruji, who blesses her plan. She envisions Shakti as Shiv’s bride but worries about the potential consequences of confronting Shiv about his lies. However, Mandira is willing to do whatever it takes to gain power. She puts her plan on hold and focuses on first uniting Shiv and Shakti in marriage. Mandira believes this will bring them temporary happiness before she uses Gauri to separate them. Guruji questions if Mandira can convince Shakti to live in the same house as Shiv, but Mandira is confident in her abilities.

The girl tells Shiv that Keertan told Rimjhim to run before the wedding. Shiv says Keertan promised to be with her, so if he loves her, he should have come to pick her up. He must answer her. Rimjhim tells Shiv he loves me a lot, but he got stuck somewhere, so he didn’t come to pick me up. Shiv asks if he called her later, but she doesn’t answer.

It’s evident that Shiv loves you a lot, but sometimes we become blinded by love. One-sided love is painful and causes you to question yourself. You think your weakness is your love, and you keep waiting for a person who might not be the one for you. You will always be in pain if he cannot walk with you in life if you keep following a person who does not love you. I do not want you to run behind a relationship in which you keep following someone who doesn’t love you.

Shiv asks what happened. Shikti is emotional. Rimjhim says she’s just upset for me. Shiv says I’ll talk to Keertan, and if he’s at fault, I won’t spare him, but if he loves Rimjhim, I’ll unite them. Rimjhim nods and leaves. Shakti is asked what she was thinking. She says nothing. Shiv says you must come with me. Shiv and Shakti walk together. Now, let’s go. He holds her hand and takes her to the car. Shakti smiles. They drive away.

Shiv’s car arrives at Keertan’s house as he is leaving. Shakti and Rimjhim are with him. He asks if everything is okay. Shakti says you need to tell us. Our families believe that Ranjan was behind everything, but you are also responsible. Mandira sees them there.

Shakti tells Keertan he needs to answer her today. Shiv says she is right. Keertan asks what? Shakti says Rimjhim ran from home because of you, but she was locked in a store. Was it you? You told her to run away, but you didn’t go to her. Shiv asks him to tell the truth because it is about a girl’s life. Keertan runs away from them fearfully. Mandira watches as Keertan looks on.

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