Mangal Lakshmi 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelations and Family Drama

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update on

Kusum shows Mangal grah pravesh photos. She asks what are you hiding? Mangal says this is a small gift from me. I got you a blanket. Kusum likes it. Mangal sets up her clothes.

At dinnertime, Karthik sits down with his family. Sanjana remarks that Karthik’s Holi celebration was particularly vibrant this year. Gayatri chimes in, stating that Karthik seems more interested in receiving criticism than taking care of himself. Sanjana reminds everyone of the recent incident they witnessed. Feeling remorseful, Karthik apologizes to his mother and reassures her he is not the type of person who engages in negative behavior. Gayatri understands her son well and explains why she tries to protect him from bad influences. Jiya interrupts by calling Karthik, prompting Sanjana to inform him of his close friend’s call. However, he decides not to answer and instead retreats to his room, refusing to eat despite his mother’s pleas to nourish him since morning.

As Lakshmi’s photo is taken on the road, Kusum notices an envelope lying nearby. A receipt for a pricey jewelry set purchased just the day before is within it. Curious, she questions who could have bought such an extravagant necklace. To her dismay, Kusum discovers that Adit and Mangal had purchased without informing her. She immediately calls Adit to express her frustration and explains that due to their tight budget, she cannot join them on their trip to Vaishno Devi this month. Later, Kusum approaches Mangal and wakes him up, demanding to know why he didn’t mention the expensive necklace he had bought. She then asks where he has kept it.

According to Adit, I should dispose of this chain. Somaiya, on the other hand, advises me to stop putting on a show. He claims that I have blocked him. Despite my repeated attempts to contact you, you have not answered my calls. She explained that there were other people present in the office. He responds that he only cares about me. However, she contradicts this statement by saying that I am not a priority for him and he doesn’t even publicly acknowledge me. She points out that his wife received his attention yesterday, not me. At this point, I can’t help but wonder what exactly my role is in your life. Do you ever stop and consider how your actions make me feel? When we are around others, you introduce me as a colleague rather than someone special in your life. It seems like I am just a secret you hide behind closed doors. His assurance is that he loves only me. But she argues that his love is divided among others as well. Our relationship remains untitled outside these four walls, and all I receive from you are mere scraps of affection. And then Lakshmi enters Adit’s office…

As Adit says, we have a love-based relationship. Mangal is just called my wife, and you are my wife. Mangal will never get my love and importance in my life. If you don’t trust me, throw the necklace. She tells him to make Somaiya wear it. Adit hugs her tightly. He makes her wear the necklace. She says it’s beautiful. Mohan walks in. He tells her that a madam is here to meet you. Adit looks out the window. He says what’s Lakshmi doing here? She irritates me a lot.

Ishana gets angry as Kusum says I gave you my mother’s bangles. Mangal says I know. I remember everything. I gave you this chain when Ishana was born. Mangal says I remember everything. I know everything. I know how you taught me how to do all this. You’ve taught me everything. Papa asks me how you count your gifts. Kusum says Mangal will tell me why I need to remind her. Mangal has changed now. It seems that Manal has learned to hide things from us.

Mangal pleads for understanding, explaining that he would have asked to be sent to Vaishnavi Devi if he had known earlier. He also shares that he had to let go of his wish due to the expenses. However, despite being unable to go for the Yatra, Kusum expresses her support and admiration for Mangal. In response, he clarifies that she has misunderstood the situation. He reassures her he did not purchase an expensive chain this month as she may have assumed. Instead, it was Adit who bought it without Mangal’s knowledge. He only came across it by chance himself.

Kusum says his son is hiding things from me, too. Papa asks who bought it. Kusum says he must have gotten it for Mangal, but it is hidden from me like I would take it from them. I only gave you things. Mangal says Adit never gave me any chain. Kusum says now you are lying to hide. Mangal says I am not lying. You have a misunderstanding. Kusum says you lied to me about the chain and made my son lie. You have hurt me a lot.

Someone calls Lakshmi. My name is Sonia. She says I would like to get a big order from you for my wedding. She says you can come to the shop. She asked if you could come to our place. It’s a wedding order. Lakshmi says I only take orders at my shop. Sonia says you’ll have to come. My request is to send someone to the store. Somaiya asks Lakshmi why she’s there.

Lakshmi tells me that he needs this file. Somaiya says he won’t be able to make it. Lakshmi sees her wearing the same necklace she and Mangal found. Somaiya says he can’t come. He has a meeting. Lakshmi says I won’t give it to you. I want to meet Adit. It’s important. It says Somaiya is busy. Lakshmi says I will wait. You go and do your work. Somaiya says that’s fine.

Lakshmi comes to Adit’s cabin. Adit asks what was so important that you had to meet up. She says Mangal sent this file to you, but you forgot it. That’s why I came to deliver it. He says I have a lot of work. Lakshmi asks if you know how much Mangal cares for you. She was so worried that you missed this file. It could have been given to Somaiya, but I didn’t. Do you want to know why? He says you are the one who investigates, not me. She says you raise questions. Adit asks: “What have I done now?”

Lakshmi asks why did you give Somaiya that expensive chain? What is your relationship with Somaiya? You never gave my sister such a cheap gift, but such a costly gift for Somaiya? Please explain to me why. Adit is shocked. Lakshmi says I won’t leave without an answer. What is your relationship with Somaiya? Adit gets angry and says she’s my girlfriend. That’s why I gave her the gift. Did you get the answer now? Go and tell the whole world about it now. Lakshmi is shocked.

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