Udne Ki Aasha 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Tejas Goes Missing Before the Wedding

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Pandit Ji blesses Sayali and Tejas. Tejas changes. Sayali and Juhi see Sudhakar and leave. Tejas receives a message. He gets excited and says he has never had that much money. Sachin says I’m getting late. The inspector says I’m not your driver. They leave on the bike. Tejas changes clothes. The goons see Paresh and hide. Paresh knocks at the door. He asks Tejas to come out. Tejas says he will. He receives a message. He opens the door.

Paresh reminds you that you are still in your towel, while Tejas assures him that he will change and return soon. Paresh insists on waiting and takes Tejas’ phone. However, Tejas asks for his phone back so that he can get ready, to which Paresh agrees and leaves. Little does Tejas know he will receive a shocking message about a money transfer from Isha’s account. He immediately tries calling her, but she ignores the first call. When he calls again, she finally picks up, and he questions her about the transaction while she is on her way with a friend.

Isha says yes. He asks why you did that, and we have a joint account. She asks do you doubt me. He says no. She fools him by lying. She tells him I can transfer the money to your account if you want. You can marry Sayali. It is no use, I didn’t mean that, we must stay together, so tell me where you’d like me to come. He replies, “Yeah, baby, try to leave the mandap.” Juhi asks Sayali not to worry about Sudhakar. Sachin is still on his way. Shobha asks Dilip not to do anything.

I’m happy this marriage is finally happening. Pandit says, “Get the bride and groom.” Shobha smiles at Sayali. She says Sudhakar sits near the mandap. Juhi tells them to relax. Sayali says nothing will happen. Tejas sneaks out. The inspector says we will have tea and go. Sachin says Paresh will beat me; he is waiting. The inspector says we will go.

They go to Sudhakar and tell him that Tejas has run away. Panit tells them to call the groom. Goons see Tejas hiding and fleeing. Goons tells Sudhakar that he kidnapped him, and he left. Akash looks for him. The inspector sits to eat food. Sachin says eat fast. Inspector says you are saying like it’s your wedding, so you also eat. Sachin replies no, Dad is waiting. Paresh goes to him and says Tejas is missing. Paresh says to find him and snaps his phone.

Kishor asks where Tejas is. They go to find Tejas. Shobha asks where did Paresh go. Aaji says he went for some work. Shobha asks why Tejas is not coming. Aaji says don’t worry, he will. Paresh calls him in his search for Tejas. He gets a dead number. He says Sayali is waiting in Mandap and Tejas… Kishor says he agreed to marry. Paresh says he met Sayali and decided to marry her; he wanted money before marriage, so I gave it to him. I trust my son won’t run away.

In Akash’s words, he isn’t anywhere. Paresh cries. He asks Akash to contact Renu. Pandit ji says the mahurat is about to end. Sayali looks at Alok’s picture and misses him. She cries. Akash asks Renu to come with him. She refuses. He said to go with me; it’s urgent work. He takes her. Shobha worries. She asks where Aaji went. Aaji replies, don’t worry, I’m going to see, spend time with Sayali.

Paresh asks Renu what happened. Renu asks where Tejas is. She asks what you want to know. He says that he is missing. She is shocked. She asks where he can go. She shouts and gets angry. She asks where you will find him. He doesn’t even trust me anymore. Akash, go out and tell everyone the groom is gone. The marriage won’t happen.

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