Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Brave Confrontation and Yuvraj’s Obsession

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During the episode, Vidya says it’s her money, so give it to me. Abhira cries and nods. She gives the money to Vidya. She thinks of how to consider her blessings. She drops her phone. She picks it up and touches Vidya’s feet. Vidya blesses her. Abhira says she is clumsy, so my phone and I fall. Vidya asks them to be happy. Yuvraj comes and sees them and recalls Armaan’s words.

I appreciate that you gave me my money. Vidya leaves. Abhira says I’m so happy. Armaan laughs. Yuvraj watches. I called you at the café so I could give you a treat. Abhira says I don’t feel guilty; Ruhi is ill, no worries, what can I give you? You have a wonderful family, and your wallet seems heavier than mine. As Yuvraj points the gun at Armaan, he says, “Just give me one thing, come. He takes her by her hand. Yuvraj becomes angry.

“According to Armaan, our staff has done a thorough job with the cleaning. Yuvraj takes a moment to ensure that the gun is unloaded. He mentioned that we should plan to meet again soon. Abhira promises to gift a laptop in a few months. However, Armaan interjects, urging her to save for her future and achieve financial independence. Abhira counters by mentioning her Gullak savings box. Undeterred, Armaan suggests she open a bank account and invest wisely to earn interest. She pokes fun at his suggestions but ultimately agrees and even decides to open an account herself. Armaan considers it a valuable gift, as he wants her to have financial security and savings.”

Abhira greets the morning with a smile. Ruhi expresses her gratitude to Abhira and Armaan for their care, which Vidya comments positively. Manisha adds that it’s rare to see them happy together, as they often argue. Dadi credits Ruhi’s maturity for bringing about this change. Manisha acknowledges Abhira’s efforts to take care of Ruhi. Upon seeing Manisha’s childhood friend, Ruhi asks if she can visit them at home, prompting Dadi to recall Manisha’s words and give her permission. Vidya requests Armaan to drop Ruhi off, while Manisha suggests they all go out together and Abhira should join them. But Abhira declines, stating that she needs to complete an assignment and can look after herself. Meanwhile, Sanjay reprimands a servant for not being able to stop Yuvraj from leaving the house.

Yuvraj is called by Sanjay, who shouts where did he go? Abhira says I am alone in the house for the first time, and nobody can stop me. Yuvraj says you got married to someone else, and it’s okay. You’ll always be mine. I’ll take you. Be ready. I’m coming to take you. Abhira dances and plays music.

Upon arriving at his home, Yuvraj expressed that the person in front of him seemed different, and he intended to take her away from her previous household. However, upon noticing the presence of a CCTV camera, he quickly put on a mask and held a rose. Upon seeing him at the door, she stopped dancing and questioned his identity, stating that she wasn’t afraid of his mask. She told him to stay where he was and not come any closer. She frantically searched for her phone to call someone for help but couldn’t remember Armaan’s number. Yuvraj stopped her, and she then attempted to flee, remembering Akshara’s wise words. However, Yuvraj eventually grabbed her hand. She cried out for assistance, and luckily, Armaan appeared and intervened.


He runs after Yuvraj. Yuvraj gets hit by a car. Manish takes him home. Abhira says he was Yuvraj.
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