Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 27th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Major Revelations and Family Drama

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In the year 2000, a woman in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, told me that a mother’s relationship lasts nine months longer than the entire world. This is why she knows she is not alone and has the support of both of her children. As she dials Gautham’s number, she begs him to pick it up.

During Gautham’s presentation, the other people at the meeting are listening to it while the old lady sitting at the chair throws the mobile phone. Her son kneels to pick it up, telling him that Gautham’s phone fell. He stands back and says she has thrown it because there can never be love in business, and Gautham should handle Maheshwari Masala so Digvijay won’t slip from the ladder.

When the woman calls the doctor from the wheelchair, she introduces herself as Saraswathi Rathore and informs him of her eight months and twenty-nine days of pregnancy. Upon handing the phone to her husband, she tells them that the first contact is with her husband but that they should not wait for him to arrive as the unborn children will not be waiting. While screaming Gautham’s name, she says the children are very anxious.

Gautham ends the presentation when the people attending all praise him, and the lady asks Gautham if it’s his phone when he sees his wife’s missed calls. After hearing two people talking about Gautham and why the company has become the largest, he leaves, making an excuse. As the lady speaks with the doctor, the doctor informs her that the mother of the child is not safe, so she asks what she desires when she replies that Saraswathi would want to save the children. Digvijay asks his mother what she would want if Saraswathi died.

She says Gautham, who used to give presents before marriage, now gives presentations in front of the board of directors. Digvijay does not know how that happened. This is due to Saraswathi, who keeps feeding Gautham with ideas, which is why she wants her to stay out of their way. Digvijay then asks who will raise the children, and she replies that they will do so.

The Rajeswari Nidhi says that those who don’t have anyone else in the world can’t work as well as them; they have Kamal, but now they will need to ensure Gautham is prepared and his head remains bowed before them as well. When the women ask Gautham to trust Khatu Shamji, he stands up.

When Gautham hears Saraswati yelling his name, the nurses in the Operation Theater become worried when they cannot find Saraswati’s pulse, even saying that the babies are not moving. The doctor recalls how Saraswati asked her to place the babies beside her body, and they chose to keep the babies close to the mother. After Gautham informs the mother he is not allowed to enter, the babies suddenly start crying, and even the mother’s pulse starts to normalize, causing the doctor to become emotional.

He enters the room quickly, and the doctor congratulates him, saying he has become the father of two daughters, both fine and their mother. Sitting beside Saraswathi, Gautham asks her if she is fine and apologizes for being late. Saraswathi says he lost the bed because she told him there would be both girls.

In India, women are said to give birth to children, but over here, the children have saved their mothers’ lives. Saraswathi’s mother says she is a very strong-willed woman, but she vows to keep Gautham trapped in the small world, so she leaves Digvijay.

As Gautham, Saraswathi, and their daughters celebrate their birthday together in 2005, Saraswathi tells Jhanvi and Yamini that she will give the first piece to the one she loves or loves most. Saraswathi asks Gautham not to cheat, and Jhanvi asks them to close their eyes before sharing the cake.

In response to Saraswathi’s advice that they should always hold hands like this, Gautham smiles, and then enjoys with her. Kamal comes to wish them and apologizes for not bringing any gifts. Kamal then asks Gautham to attend the pooja and announce the new company chairman.

The pooja has begun when the son loudly wishes Jhanvi hearing which Digvijay is stunned, the son tries to leave but the Grandmother stops him informing him the pooja has started and he cannot. As the guests tend to sit with Gautham, he is welcomed as a respected person. When Gautham wonders why the guests treat him with such a smile, Saraswathi replies that they see him as the company’s future.

Despite being a small employee, Gautham says Rajeswari was the company’s past, while Digvijay will be the company’s future. Saraswathi says he should reduce their workload and make the company a big name internationally. As Saraswathi asks Gautham not to decline any new position he is offered today, Digvijay and Rajeshwari must approve it before it can be accepted.

The pandit says this is the family of Gautham, along with Saraswathi, Yamini, and Jhanvi. Rajeshwari wonders how he knows the children, so Pandit Ji invites them for the pooja. Rajeshwari wonders how it is possible because only family members perform the pooja. As the son wishes Jhanvi to attend the pooja, Rajeshvari invites them, but Yamini warns Jhanvi not to speak to him after hearing this.

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