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As Vedika asks who the client is, the officer says Maheshwari masala. She is a brilliant person who can get a job anywhere, including their office, for which she will receive a raise. As Vedika replies, the officer knows she will file a case against him, but the officer should tell the people who told him to give the bribe that they can just close one door. She is unable to accept defeat and will certainly succeed.

The call ends in frustration, but Vedika is tense because she recalls how Kamal said Digvijay would take every possible step to resolve the issue. She thinks Bhagwan came to threaten them at their house and then ask the offices not to give them the job, while even the criminal who has been punished without any reason thinks Bhagwan would like her to meet the Maheshwari family. Vedika holds her hands tightly.

While Sushedra performs the pooja, Saraswathi and Sagar arrive to take the Arthi, Suphedra wonders why they would need to return for just four days, Saraswathi also disagrees, so Sagar says he has also asked both of them to accompany him while he takes care of the rest. Digvijay also takes the Arthi, saying Sagar has come from so far away but will not hug his father just once. Sagar takes the blessing by touching his feet.

Sagar says that when the voice comes from his heart, he will never need to say anything. Saraswathi leaves and says she will try to convince him. Digvijay asks Rajeshwari if she saw that Sagar hates his own father while he is in love with the servants. Rajeshwari replies that he has said before that Saraswathi would conspire with Gautham, but then Sagar is doing the same.

Rajeshwari says he cannot give the entire blame to Saraswathi because he cannot even hug him. Digvijay asks if he is responsible. Rajeshwari thinks he cannot put all the blame on her, and Digvijay asks if he is at fault. Rajeshwari said when the child desired to sit with his father and listen to stories, he sent him to boarding school. Digvijay says Sagar would keep crying with Saraswathi, asking them to bring Gautham and Jhanvi home.

Sagar tries to leave when Saraswathi comes, saying that he should even have the food with her. Digvijay says Rajeshwari might be correct, but what can he do? Rajeshwari says she will talk to him, but she is concerned about another issue: what if the Maheshwari family’s past is about to knock on the door? While holding the tray, Saraswathi stops walking. Kamal asks what happened when Saraswathi said someone had come to meet him.

Upon opening the door, Vedika calls Mr Maheshwari, who turns to view Vedika, who has even shocked Rajeshwari. When Digvijay asks who she is and how she got inside, Vedika apologizes, saying that she knew she might have knocked, but there was someone at security. She introduces herself as Kishori Lal’s daughter, and Digvijay yells at the guards, questioning why anyone could get inside.

As Vedika tells Digvijay not to snatch their land, she is shocked to see Sagar when he insists she talk to him. Digvijay says Sagar should not speak to such people since he is their son. Sagar, however, is furious upon hearing it, and Vedika replies that she should have understood that like father like son. She says she’s just asking for their land,

Digvijay says they will take the land, but Vedika answers they have this place where her father teaches the children because few people know Sanskrit, and no one can give them money. Digvijay asks who gave her the right to talk to him in this manner, and when Vedika gets worried, she yells at her. She says that his people came to her house yesterday and threatened them, so her mother became ill. Why is he doing this to them?

When Saraswathi turns away to leave, Kamal stops her, saying that she has not been met by anyone in the past years, including her family members. Kamal asks Saraswathi to sit down. Vedika says it is not suitable as he has a lot of names in the business world, but he can go to such low levels, so she asks him to build the factory in another location, explaining that they live a peaceful life and he should not ruin it.

As Sagar moves forward, Rajeshwari stands up to stop him. Digvijay agrees with Vedika, who asks if he could give her a written response. Digvijay offers her thirty million, but Vedika says he said it now. Digvijay then offers fifty million, but Vedika replies that they cannot sell the land if he is willing to give them one hundred million. She should tell her father he will have to provide the land for free since he will take it.

According to Vedika, she showed courtesy towards Digvijay due to his advanced age and accomplished career. However, she also mentions that she can take legal action against him for attempting to seize their land without consent. Despite her warning, Digvijay insists on offering a large sum of money and accuses Vedika of threatening him. Vedika sticks to her stance that his actions go against the law. In response, an angry Digvijay asserts that he only understands how to acquire everything through wealth and refuses to accept rejection.

Sagar is seething and angry and makes a move to walk ahead. Digvijay reminds him that Vedika Sharma has reached stage two and wouldn’t want to hear about his third rule, so she should make her decision based on her knowledge. He warns Sagar that he must call security if Vedika doesn’t comply. As Digvijay starts counting, Vedika turns back to leave, accidentally causing the vase to fall. Saraswathi rushes out of the house towards the main hall, but before she can reach it, Vedika runs out first, and Digvijay shuts the door behind her. Seeing this commotion, Saraswathi asks Rajeshwari if anyone else is coming today. Rajeshwari replies that many people usually attend these events.

Saraswathi explains that she felt a sense of familiarity when someone from her own family arrived. However, Rajeshwari clarifies that while she may not see them as her own, she is still a daughter-in-law of the household and should consider certain traditions. She mentions that Saraswathi rushed in without proper footwear, which was not appropriate. Saraswathi agrees that she should have been more mindful, but her emotions got the better of her when she saw the person who came. Rajeshwari then informs them that a courier has arrived for Digvijay. She asks Kamal to escort Saraswathi to the room so she can rest. Apologizing, Saraswathi follows Kamal out of the room.

Digvijay tells Rajeshwari not to worry after the girl threatens him at their house. He says that Vedika is just an ant. When Rajeshwari asks if Digvijay would still tell her not to worry, Digvijay replies that Vedika is just an ant. In Rajeshwari’s view, Saraswathi tried to take over their entire business and would have succeeded had Gautham not died in the accident. Digvijay says that it wouldn’t have happened if Kamal had done the work correctly.

Rajeshwari remarks that the king is the only one suffering, and Digvijay’s failure leads to a girl threatening him. The fortress-like house she once admired is now falling apart. Despite Digvijay claiming he kicked her out, Rajeshwari points out that she still managed to get inside and wonders about the criminal. Digvijay responds that he will be found, while the girl left in tears. Rajeshwari questions if he noticed how Saraswathi became agitated when the girl entered their house, and how his son Sagar followed after her. This causes Digvijay to become anxious.

A criminal enters Maheshwari Mansion secretly as Vedika tries to start her scooter. Sagar asks her to listen to him, but she is irritated and says she doesn’t want to hear anything.

Despite being scorching, Vedika’s mother said her day depends on who she sees in the morning. Sagar says he can help her, but Vedika is still angry and refuses to listen to him. Sagar follows Vedika as she leaves on her scooter, while the criminal thinks he will apologize to her.


Koyal and Vedika meet again and enjoy their time together while the criminal walks in the night to reveal all of Saraswathi’s secrets.

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