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Agnisakshi 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Satvik asking Jeevika if she has feelings for him. After she denies it, he persists by saying she loves him. He then questions whether he should leave and go back home. However, Jeevika stops him and asks him to stay. Satvik explains that he won’t be able to return later if he stays.

Meanwhile, Pallavi is depositing money and is relieved that she has withdrawn it. Just then, Jeevika arrives and takes a bundle of money from her, inquiring where she got it. Pallavi reveals that Satvik gave it to her. Jeevika praises Satvik for his big heart and mentions that even if she returns the money, he won’t return it. She invested it in an FD for Jhanvi’s future studies. Suspiciously, she asks Pallavi if there’s something else she’s hiding about Satvik and clarifies that she won’t tolerate any accusations against him.

Jeevika refused to accept Satvik’s offer. Manas and Shlok smile. Shlok says we’ll fix your accident. Satvik says he wants to live. Shlok asks him to imagine her running to him when she knows about his accident. Manas says he will take a guarantee. He asks him to follow their instructions.

Rajnandini feels like Lata is constantly following her, like a ghost. When Lata confronts her and urges her to choose a partner and leave the house, Rajnandini firmly refuses to go anywhere. Satvik quickly interrupts their conversation and promises to discuss it with Rajnandini later. Before leaving, Satvik tells Rajnandini that they are in a hurry. Inquisitive, Rajnandini stops Shlok and questions his urgent departure, hoping no secrets are involved. Shlok responds that they have devised a plan to make Jeevika declare her love for him by using force. After Shlok departs, Jhanvi seeks out Swara for information about the achievers. Swara patiently explains everything to her.

As Satvik impatiently waits for Jeevika, he complains about the stench of the sauce and wonders how many papads they will have to roll. Suddenly, an attacker armed with a knife lunges at Satvik. Despite putting up a fight, Satvik is overpowered and wounded by the assailant, who then flees. Just as Jeevika arrives, she calls out to Satvik, and he responds. Thinking it’s all a joke, Jeevika scolds him for not considering her feelings before making such pranks. As Satvik turns around, Jeevika notices blood on his stomach.

Jeevika desperately calls for assistance and breaks into tears, pondering on her next move. The thug dials Rajnandini’s number and informs her that the task has been completed. Rajnandini assures him that he will be paid for his services. She gloatingly recalls how she had benefitted from Manas and Shlok’s scheme, resulting in the deaths of Utkarsh and Satvik. She declares that when the opportune moment arrives, she will eliminate anyone who stands in her way, as she is both a blessing and a curse. Jeevika pleads with Satvik not to lose consciousness. Shlok and Manas appear on the scene, urging Satvik to stand up as Bhabhi has arrived. Manas accuses Satvik of putting on an act, but Jeevika insists that someone has stabbed him. It is evident from his injuries.


The doctor tells Jeevika that Satvik’s operation was successful and that the next 24 hours will be successful. Maayi tells Jeevika that Satvik is her destiny, and Jeevika saves Satvik when the nurse tries to inject him with poison.

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