Anupama 29th November 2023 Written Episode: Family Drama Unfolds with Allegations and Confessions

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Anupama asks Anuj to see the syllabus and says how the children will study. Anuj says there will be so much competition in the future, if they do not study then they will not be progressing. He asks why are you studying? Anupama replied that if I did not study, I would not be able to teach her. Anuj says that Pakhi has not yet arrived.

She has gone to see a movie with her husband, and then she will spend some time and return, he says. He asks why you are worried, and they are not small children. Anupama says she isn’t tiny, but my daughter. Anuj says you are strange and tells you to scold her when she’s in front of you and get worried about her when she’s away. Anupama says this is my habit. Anuj says he’ll wait for his wife. Anupama says I’m doing fine.

Akhi and Adhik arrive. Adhik tells Pakhi not to overreact. Anupama asks what happened. Pakhi says they went to watch a movie but saw another film on the way. Pakhi asks Adhik what happened. She says Tapish is the hero and Dimpy is the heroine, and the movie is called Anu ji Dimpy ka Titu. She says it proves Dimpy’s cheapness, and they walked in the moonlight. She tells Adhik to tell him what happened.

Adhik informed us that Dimpy and Tapish were having a normal conversation, but Pakhi misunderstood them. She immediately questioned if they were conducting a religious ceremony there and declared that she was now sure of their affair and that the video was genuine. Everyone gathered around to listen. Malti Devi inquired what was going on, and Anuj explained that they had gotten into a fight with someone on the road earlier. However, Pakhi persisted in believing that Dimpy was having an affair with Tapish. Baa expressed confusion and asked for clarification. Pakhi repeated her accusation, while Anuj denied any truth to it. Baa mentioned that Dimpy had personally assured her there was nothing between them. Pakhi stood firm, stating that she had witnessed them being romantic. Anupama reminded her that she, too, used to go out with guys in college and questioned whether they were wrong as well. Pakhi retaliated by saying she never went out with anyone at night, prompting Anupama to point out that people also go out for work. Baa suggested that they may have gone to attend a program together. Pakhi challenged Baa’s acceptance of Dimpy without taunting her or

Pakhi reveals she is expecting my bhai’s child and boldly claims that neither widowhood nor pregnancy could prevent her from having an extramarital affair. Baa sits in disbelief while Pakhi turns to Adhik for a response, but he remains silent. Baa interjects, explaining how she tried to discourage Pakhi from working but continued to do what she pleased. Pakhi then quotes a famous English saying, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play,” insinuating that Anupama was too occupied with Kavya to notice her actions. However, Anupama defends herself and clarifies that Dimpy went to look after Kavya because she was alone. Pakhi argues that Dimpy only cares for Kavya during the day and spends her nights socializing with Tapish.

Anupama is engaged in a heated discussion. Malti Devi explains that certain things happen when the elders are not at home and wishes Anupama had informed them before leaving. However, Anupama points out that the elders are not responsible for guarding the house as they have their own lives to live. She expresses her complete trust in Dimpy. Pakhi questions why Anupama still trusts Dimpy over her, claiming that both Kinju and Dimpy only try to please her and do everything according to her wishes. Anuj intervenes and cautions Pakhi to watch her words, stating he will not tolerate anyone disrespecting Anu in his house.

Anupama announces that she will speak with Dimpy the next day and urges everyone to rest. She reminds Baa not to strain herself too much. Malti Devi expresses her concern about Dimpy potentially being manipulated by a young, beautiful man while living alone. She suggests putting him to the test and only allowing marriage if he proves worthy. Baa vehemently objects and warns Anupama not to entertain the thought. She accuses Anupama of being untrustworthy and insists that Dimpy stay for her baby, who will grow up playing on their lawn, to stay as well.

Anupama exclaims that Dimpy is not an animal tethered to a clip and insists that she is their daughter-in-law. She expresses her complete faith in Dimpy and assures there is currently no cause for concern, but if the situation ever arises, they will handle it accordingly. She then instructs everyone to leave and rest. Anuj urges Babu ji and Baa to retire for the night, while Anupama specifically tells Baa to rest. She hopes for a peaceful night’s sleep, and Anuj questions her belief in Dimpy. Anupama reaffirms her trust in Dimpy, stating that if there had been any issues, she would have been happy about it.

Tapish drops Dimpy home. Dimpy thanks him and says that it’s special for him. He says I do it usually, but this is special for me. He says these things make us happy. Dimpy says you’re very mature. They shake hands. Dimpy says he’s leaving. Turning, they see Vanraj standing at the door and Kavya inside.

Adhik and Pakhi’s lives would have been better if she had focused on their relationship. Pakhi says if you understood our relationship more than Dimpy, our lives would have been better. Dimpy gets the partition of the house, steals mummy’s dance academy, and everyone praises her. According to her, God even thinks about her, which is why she is pregnant while I am not.

Your jealousy is evident, Adhik says. What is wrong if she is having an affair? He says you want Dimpy to live alone, and she’s the same age as you, so why can’t she? He says you used to praise Titu before. She says I didn’t know she was such. She says Dimpy will elope with Titu one day. Adhik feels disgusted and leaves.

Dimpy enters the house as Vanraj exits, shutting the door behind him. She reassures Kavya that she is innocent but still feels afraid. Kavya shares her fear of encountering the old Vanraj. Talking about Tapish, Vanraj threatens him by disclosing Dimpy’s pregnancy and warns him to stay away from her, threatening to make his life miserable to the point where he would crave dancing. He then retreats into the house. Dimpy tells Vanraj that she has done nothing wrong, and he advises her to focus on work. Kavya vouches for Titu’s character, but Vanraj reminds them that he is a man and his true intentions remain unknown. Firmly, he makes it clear that he does not want Titu near his home or even standing at his doorstep. Inquiring if Dimpy understands, she firmly replies in the negative.


Malti Devi taunts Babu ji for leaving the AC on. Anuj says he can pay the bill. Anupama says she will not be involved in politics, but Malti Devi says she will.

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