Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandana and Kunal’s Tense Confrontation Unfolds

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaibhav asks Vandana to give him the house share and get divorced at the beginning of the episode. Kunal and Vandana ask what you mean. Sonia asks Vedika and Atya if they have fixed their marriage. Vedika says no, Kunal; there is a misunderstanding. Sonia says don’t lie, and I heard you talk about their marriage. Atya scolds Sonia. Kunal and Vandana ask Vedika and Atya. They refuse. Kunal asks Vandana if she knows about it.

It is just now that I know about it, Vandana says. Kunal says I showed sympathy, and I have no feelings for you. He scolds her for her plans to become wealthy. Vaibhav says your company and money would be your pride, not mine. He asks whether you’re getting close to Tara to get close to me. Vandana asks him to stop talking. Kunal says I got it, what a plan, cheap thinking, wow.

It is cheap how you think and express yourself, Vandana says, please keep quiet, how can you blame me, I have been married before and couldn’t get out of it, how can I think about remarrying, I don’t want to see you again. As Kunal says, I’m not interested in you. Vaibhav says they are lying to themselves. Tara approaches Vandana. She says she feels scared. Kunal stops Tara. He says he’s with you, and you won’t meet Vandana from now on. Vandana feels sad.

Sonia and Vandana are told to avoid Tara and his personal life. Tu hi meri Roshni hai… Kunal says not to try to become her mum; her dad is alive. Tara asks Kunal to leave Tara and let her go to Vandana. Vandana leaves. She asks Atya why you talked about Kunal and me, and it wouldn’t have happened. Kunal argues with Vedika and Pammi. Vandana says that Kunal and I are ruined by love, Tara and I have ended our relationship, and I miss Tara.

Tara bursts into tears, questioning why Vandana broke her promise and if she had done something wrong. In response, Vandana explains that Tara’s love for her was the reason she had to leave. Kunal chimes in, suggesting that it may be best if Tara stays away from Vandana. Vedika then questions Kunal’s aversion towards their relationship. Kunal defends his stance, stating that only blood relations hold significance for him. However, Vedika argues that while blood relations happen by chance, heart relations are chosen, and both Vandana and Kunal are experiencing the same pain. Kunal adamantly declares that he will not marry Vandana. Vedika reminds them of their previous discussion about loneliness and suggests there is nothing wrong with solidifying their bond through marriage.

Kunal says I can’t, Vandana says I don’t want anyone. Atya asks what’s wrong, we cannot see you three lonely, you both lived for others. Kunal says I can’t. Vijay consoles her. Despite feeling bad, I always have to listen because I love Tara. I cannot see Kunal’s face, he has crossed limits, I have a contract with him, if I leave the job, we must leave the house, and I can’t work for him. Vijay consoles her.

He always tells me that I’m not Tara’s mum, he’s Tara’s dad, does he care about her? Kunal makes Tara’s breakfast. Bobby says, are you going to feed her this? Vijay pacifies Vandana. He says tomorrow will be different.


Inder asks Sonia if she still loves Kunal. Tara refuses to eat. She says she wants to go to Vandana. Kunal scolds her. Vandana sees Tara and makes her smile. She sings for Tara.

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