Anupama 9th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 9th April 2023, Written Update

In Anupama’s dance academy, thieves demand her belongings at knifepoint. Anupama beats them with a stick. They reveal themselves to be Pakhi and Samar, who were testing her. Kinjal and Toshu also come in.

She is not smiling from within, Kinjal asks, but they all cheer her up by telling her how she has always protected them and solved their problems since they were children. Then they play with her and make her laugh. Then they dance Sohni De Nakhre Sohne Lagde Mainu.. They also dance happily with Anupama. Vanraj records their video with an evil grin.

Anuj video chats with Little Anu and asks why she went to a picnic uninformed when he came to meet her. Little Anu apologizes and asks if he spoke to mummy and when she is coming. Anuj tries to change the topic. Maaya takes over and asks if she told Papa what she wants. Her shopping list is ready when she returns. Little Anu says she sent it to Papa and wants it ready.

Maaya asks Anuj how Little Anu got a phone and Anuj promises her. Maaya says she might have called from her teacher’s phone and asked if they should gift her a phone so she can call them whenever she wants to, and she will put their number in speed dial. Anuj agrees. Maaya says Little Anu knows what her papa needs. Anuj notices a request for Anupama’s sari. Maaya says they should go out and buy all this stuff. Anuj agrees.

In front of Anupama, Vanraj offers her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. He said he knew she didn’t want him here, but he came to extend a friendly hand. Anupama says they tried to be friends earlier, but he became more than a friend, then an enemy, then a stranger, so it’s better they don’t befriend each other again.

He says he came to let her know he got a job. As his father advised him to try new things, he wants to truly befriend her again so that she can openly express her thoughts and tell him to shut up whenever he is wrong. He has gone through many relationships and only found friendship that has no expectations, so he wants to befriend her again with no expectations.

Anupama says shut up; there aren’t as many U-turns as he takes in a whole day in Ahmedabad; he wants to be friends in the morning, more friends in the evening, enemies in the night, and betrayed the next day; there is no difference between him and colour changing diwali lights. He forcefully hands over the bouquet to Anupama and extends a friendly hand to her. He promises not to cross his friendship limits and is ready to bear any punishment if he does. Anupama says that if he insists so much, let’s watch his friendship replay and she will end their friendship if he shows the usual Vanraj Shah evilness.

He tells the children he will work in the afternoon and will return by evening. He walks out with a smile and grins. Pakhi sends photos to Adhik with a message that mummy would have been happier if he had come. As Vanraj heads towards the airport, Barkha joins him and says Anupama is also moving, and since Anupama hasn’t closed her dance academy, how can they shut down such a vast business?

The children praise the food Anupama serves them. Dimpy asks to join them. Dimpy looks at Samar who signals to join them. She feeds even her, saying she couldn’t pay attention to the dance academy for a while, but it’s growing because of Dimple and Samar’s hard work.

As Sabar explains, this is her academy, and they are following in her footsteps. Dimple feels sad hearing that and recalls Barkha’s words about her hard work to ensure the success of the dance academy. Kinjal tells Leela he’s leaving for Mumbai. He tells her to take care of herself and Hasmukh until he returns and says he’s going to Mumbai.

In a dance academy, Anupama cleans. Pakhia asks where to store dance props. Dimple suggests keeping them in a separate room. If they keep them there, there won’t be any room for dancing, and children might break them. Dimple says they will waste time bringing props from the store room often.

Samar tells Anupama it won’t take long. She asks him to clean the god’s idol and temple frequently, change the bathroom bulb, and keep hand sanitisers near the entrance. He says he’ll handle everything, so she doesn’t have to worry. Until now, Dimple says, they handled it and will continue to do so.

Dimple feels sad again. Pakhi and Kinjal say they will turn her dance academy into a new one. Toshu says he will check her accounts and balance sheet. Anupama recalls Anuj’s earlier visit.

The academy’s name should be changed because parents no longer want to send their children because of Dimple. Vanraj picks a sari Anuj picks and asks him to leave it completely if he has one.

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