Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd January 2024 Written Episode: Angad Saves Brar Mansion from Yash’s Wrath


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Japjyoth begs at Yashraj’s feet, pleading for their house to be spared. Akaal advises him not to plead with a monster while he still has life in him. Despite his old age, Akaal is determined and refuses to back down. Yash interrupts, telling them to stop talking and leave the premises immediately as he plans to destroy the Brar mansion. His goons are instructed to remove everyone from the property. Memories flood the Brar family’s minds as they are forced out of their home. The Monga family arrives with food and support for the Brars. Akaal envisions the mansion exploding and begins to feel dizzy. However, upon looking again, he sees that the mansion remains standing. Japjyoth reminds him that they must leave this place behind.

Hansraj and Prabjot brought Jasleen from the hospital in a wheelchair and inquired about the situation. Gurleen informs them that Yash is in the process of demolishing their house with dynamite. Yash then warmly greets Jasleen, inviting her to witness the destruction of her family’s home. Concerned for her son’s safety, Jasleen inquires about his whereabouts and believes Yash has wrongly influenced him. However, Yash dismisses her son as being worthless.

Meanwhile, Angad and Sahiba arrive at Garry’s location with the police, successfully apprehending Yash’s accomplices and rescuing the judge. As they discuss how they ended up there, Angad appeals to the judge for assistance in stopping Yash from destroying their home. In the meantime, Garry remains hidden.

As Yash stands in his car with a bomb remote, he instructs his aide to capture the explosion of the mansion and Brar’s reaction. Despite their pleas, he is determined to carry out the plan. Just as he is about to push the button, a car collides with his vehicle, and Yash falls to the ground. Veer takes hold of the remote while the Brars are relieved to see Angad arrive. However, Yash argues with Veer for remote control and boasts about confronting Akaal Singh Brar earlier. In response, Angad gives him a firm slap and warns him to show respect towards Sardar Akaal Singh Brar. Confronted by this, Yash confidently declares that they cannot stop him as he owns the Brar mansion.

Sahiba presents the court’s stay orders to him. Inspector Megha arrives with her team. Yash comments on his ploy arriving and assures that she will protect him. However, instead of saving him, Megha handcuffs Yash. He warns her that she will not be rewarded if he is sent to prison. Then, the police commissioner and judge enter and reprimand Yash for his despicable actions. The commissioner suspends Megha while the judge investigates her alleged involvement in taking bribes and harassing the innocent Brar family. The judge also declares Angad innocent and dismisses all allegations against him. The police commissioner continues to scold Yash without holding back.

Yash says Brars cannot do anything even now as he transferred his shares in Rumi’s name. He will return and trouble them again if he doesn’t do anything. Garry enters and informs them that he transferred his shares back in Angad’s name, which means that Angad is the majority stakeholder and Yash cannot harm Brars anymore. The police drag Yash away. Brars thanks Angad for saving them. He says they should thank Sahiba instead because Angad could save their house. The family drama continues.


It is Yash’s father who pushed him away from his father, but his mother risked her life to preserve his childhood memories. Angad asks him to stop the drama since he is acting to avoid jail. Sahiba accepts that she has met Garry at the hospital and wants to tell him after things settle down. Garry says he is repentant for his mistake, or he wouldn’t have helped Sahiba. But Angad stops her angrily.

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