Pandya Store 20th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Bold Decision Shocks the Family!

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Amba expressing her disapproval of the guest’s presence and stating that she will not allow them to enter the house. Natasha tries to explain, but Amba insists that their differing opinions on marriage will only lead to conflict and they must find a peaceful solution. However, it seems that this is not possible as the guest’s family is known for causing drama and disrespecting theirs. Amba firmly declares that the guest has no place in their house and should return to their maternal home. Meanwhile, Natasha pleads to Dhawal for support, knowing that she needs it now more than ever. Dhawal intervenes and suggests that Amba calm down to avoid any health issues. At this moment, Amrish notices Dhawal’s hesitation in standing up against Natasha and fears that he may side with her in the end.

He says don’t worry about Natasha. Amba insulted everyone and left, we didn’t torture her, we did all we could to fulfill her wish, but what did we get in return, insult, how can Natasha stay here. Amba says we don’t need her now because the store is not hers but her brother’s. Chiku asks Natasha how she went back. I’ll call her. Suman asks why. Shesh stops him. Chiku says you’re not well, and Suman says we can handle it.

Chiku claims to have cooking skills, but Suman questions this as she knows loneliness can also teach one how to cook. She asks if Shweta was with Chiku and if she caused any trouble. Chiku remains silent, prompting Suman to ask Shesh for help in the kitchen. Suman expresses her determination to discover the truth and vows not to let Shweta off the hook. Amba interrupts with surprising news that there is a deal between Chiku and Amrish, resulting in them obtaining the store. Natasha proudly presents the official documents, revealing that the store now belongs to her as a Rakhi gift from Chiku. This revelation takes aback Amrish.

Chiku inquires about Natasha’s reason for visiting their house, while Shesh explains that the situation is complex. Chiku expresses concern over Amrish’s willingness to seek revenge on Natasha due to her involvement with the store. Shesh counters by stating that Natasha is also at fault and questions why she would not use logic and reasoning. Chiku also urges him to consider his emotions, particularly for Chutki’s well-being. Shesh heads off to cut onions, leaving Chutki behind, who voices his fear of Amrish ruining her life. Meanwhile, Amrish reviews some papers, and Dhawal appears pleased with Natasha’s decision to give him the store.

The store belongs to Amrish, Natasha says, let Suman get better first, she got a heart attack when I told her about the marriage deal, give me a chance, I cannot risk her life, I will try to maintain our relationship, I promise. Amrish asks Dhawal to let Natasha in. Dolly says Dhawal is becoming desperate for Natasha, which is so cute. Golu appears. He says Natasha was missed a lot. He invites Natasha in.

I’ll go, give me the store papers, Natasha says. If you don’t want me to stay here, I’ll go, Natasha says. It has to do with the Pandya store, Amrish says, when Suman gets fined, if you refuse to give us the store, if Suman stops you, then… if you get emotional about the Pandya store, what will we do? The difference between you and me is that Suman means everything to me, and I can sacrifice a hundred Pandya stores for her.


Amba scolds Dolly for coming to puja. She asks her to stop the drama and sleep on the carpet for 3 days. Natasha says this is wrong.

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