Suhaagan 5th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 5th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindiya forgives Payal as usual in the episode. Payal asks her to agree to marry. Bindiya says she will also marry and continue her studies. Payal asks her to see the guy and decide and brings her to Baldev’s house. She says she has to care for Dadi and that’s why she won’t marry.

As soon as she sees Vikram, she tells Bindiya that Jiju is looking quite old, and Sakshi arrives and he kisses her on the forehead. This is the wrong number, Payal says. Bindiya says we should go home, Dadi must be waiting for us. Payal argues. Krish comes out and sits on his bike. When the watchman asks Krish if he will bring the keys, Krish signs no.

She says Bua calls you Chuhiya, and Payal says she’s right. Bindiya says she’s right too. Payal says she’s brave, but because of that Bua calls her Chuhiya. She asks the watchman about Chote Bhaiyya. The watchman says just now he left on a bicycle. Payal asks if he’s unmarried. The watchman says he’s just unmarried. Payal and Bindiya follow him in an auto.

Jiju has left the car and is riding a cycle, Payal tells Bindiya. She says even you used to ride a bike. She says their Jodi is the best, and that she will tell her kids about it. When they see him go to the basketball court, they are stopped by the guard who prohibits them from entering. Payal takes Bindiya inside secretly and they see many guys playing there. As Payal waits for him to emerge from his cycle, she will bring tea.

Then Krish drinks water and sprays water on his face. Bindiya smiles at him. He wipes his face with the towel. Rang de mohe tu piya plays….Bindiya bends down to pick his chocolate from his bag, and Krish also bends down to pick it, looking at her. He gives her the chocolate and enters the house. As he plays basketball, Bindiya admires him.

Payal comes back and asks why she didn’t give her chocolate, since she said that she was hungry. Bindiya says he gave chocolate to me, whom we came to meet. In her opinion, Jiju is a good player. Payal looks at him and gets shocked. She says Krish’s alliance with Bindiya is impossible. As she sees Bindiya admiring Krish, she becomes even more shocked, and she continues.

The song plays as Krish approaches Bindiya. It is her imagination that Krish approaches her. Krish wins and comes out. As he walks past her, her dupatta gets caught in his watch. Krish frees it and covers the dupatta on her and goes. In the next room, Krish sees a boy sitting in a cold room. He covers his jacket and goes. Bindiya is impressed.


Payal tells Krish she wanted to end their love story in the same way as it had begun. Bindiya tells Dadi she will think about the alliance. Dadi tells Payal Bindiya will agree.


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