Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th December 2023 Written Episode: Sahiba and Angad Unravel the Mystery Behind Garry’s Scheme


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As the engagement ceremony for Jasleen and Yash begins, Japjot expresses her frustration with Jasleen’s constant complaints about being treated like a daughter-in-law instead of a daughter. To end this, she presents Jasleen with a family necklace. Yash declares that Jasleen is someone special who deserves the attention of the entire world, but from now on, he will give her even more attention. Manveer humorously wonders if their worries will disappear if Yash pays more attention to Jasleen. Hansraj adds that this would undoubtedly ease their tension, and Jasleen agrees. Japjot jokingly asks if Hansraj was born with such sharp wit or if he learned it over time. Prabjot suggests starting the ring exchange ceremony, but Gurleen suggests waiting until Angad and Sahiba return.

Sahiba takes Angad to Garry’s hotel room and finds no one there. She shows him all his photos are fixed on a board. Hotel staff clean the room and ask if they have a booked room. Sahiba asks if they came to meet the guests of room #113. The staff says they checked out 30 minutes ago. The receptionist refuses to give Angad and Sahiba room #113’s guest details, saying it is against the company’s policy.

She threatens them to call the police and let them know she was attacked in their hotel because of a security lapse and that their hotel needs to be shut down. She noticed that Garry had stayed in this hotel for over a month and had paid with a credit card and Oval Group account. Pam receives details from Angad and requests Shameen to find out who owns Oval Group.

Angad and Sahiba return after Veer hosts a play between Jasleen and Yash. Keerat greets Brars when he walks in. Gurleen asks who invited her. Veer holds Keerat’s hand and says Angad invited her here. Yash says let’s not cause drama on his good day. Jaspal tells Gurleen that Yash is right. Game continues. Angad and Sahiba return home and think Jasleen and Yash would be shocked to discover their son alive and what he has done. Yash notices them and invites them to join in his happiness.

Veer sings a romantic song. The couples dance. Manveer gets jealous of Angad and Sahiba. Pam called Angad to let him know she had sent the info. Angad and Sahiba stand shocked when they see the owner’s name, Oval Group. While Yash is about to fix Jasleen’s finger, Agad stops him and asks why. Yash asks if any special guests will be there, and Angad replies yes.


Garry confronts Yash for using him as a pawn in his game. Yash shouts at Garry that he can hear everything and is not deaf. Sahiba is stunned to see them together, and they both notice him.

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