Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 21st March 2024 Written Episode: Ishwar and Mehul Face Dilemmas Over Naren’s Marriage Proposal!

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Hemraj introduces Ishwar and Mehul to Naren’s room, where a portrait of Nandini takes aback Ishwar. Hemraj proudly states that Naren created the painting himself, as he was the one who taught him how to paint. He then invites them to sit while Chanchal brings out a dish. Despite Hemraj’s belief that they wouldn’t eat anything from their home, she insists that they try the Prasad. Before leaving for a phone call, Hemraj reminds them to have some Prasad at Chanchal’s insistence.

Ishwar informs Mehul that Naren’s father is strict, while his mother has a kind heart. He believes Nandini will be happy living here. Manri asks Mitesh if Heta Baa has arrived, and he explains that she went to the temple and may not be able to come. This angers Manri, who then declares her intention to break the lock on the box. But Mitesh reminds her that the box holds valuable items, and breaking it would only bring them more suffering. However, Manri insists that the jewelry inside is worth more than the potential consequences. She silences Mitesh before he can say anything else, but just as she is about to break the box,

Nandini approaches Manri, pleading for her to refrain from breaking the box. She explains that Ishwar has the key to it, and Manri questions if she is aware of this. Nandini responds that she only found out when Mitesh warned her about breaking the key. Manri muses that he may have intentionally kept it hidden. Nandini suggests waiting for Ishwar’s return, but Manri insists on proceeding as it belongs to Mitesh. However, Mitesh interjects that the box still weighs the same and vows not to return the key.

As Hemraj joins Ishwar and Mehul, he inquires about Nandini’s father. Ishwar responds that they have not been in touch since the incident. Hemraj notes that this must mean Nandini has never seen her father’s face. He expresses sympathy for the children growing up as orphans, but Mehul points out that their uncle and aunt have taken them in as their own. Hemraj then brings up the concern of whether they can fulfill a father’s duties, including conducting the wedding according to traditional customs.

It’s their tradition, Ishwar says, and Hemraj asks them to sit down and explain that the guests would stay for two days in their village so they couldn’t fulfill everyone’s needs in one go. As Hemraj mentions, Nandini shouldn’t feel bad in front of her other daughter-in-laws, so they have to give her fifty tolds and a five tola coin, Ishwar recalls Nandini’s hatred of dowry, and Hemraj says that he has everything he doesn’t ask for it for his own needs.

Hemraj is concerned about his daughter-in-law feeling embarrassed in front of others, as they have all brought one hundred tola gold. Mehul acknowledges that Hemraj is aware of their uncle’s situation. Hemraj assures them he has a solution and offers to provide one hundred tola gold for his daughter without anyone knowing. However, Mehul declines the offer, acknowledging that a teacher’s self-respect would not allow such a favor. Hemraj understands this and hesitates, asking for their advice on what he should do.

Mehul said there might be a way for his sister to come to their house, and Hemraj said he had one. Ishwar agrees when Hemraj replies that Ishwar cannot give him the gold but that he should give it according to his capability and that there is one thing he can give him. When Ishwar asks about it, Hemraj mentions the farmland connected to the highway or Upleta. He can transfer it to either his or Chanchal, and then he will take care of everything else.

As Nandini rides her scooter, she informs Mitesh that she has arrived at her destination. She suggests he take the scooter and asks what motivates her to read so much. Nandini explains that reading is like exercise for her mind, just as he exercises for his body. Mitesh inquires why she reads up in the tree, to which Nandini responds that it used to be their family home and holds sentimental value for them both. She reveals that their mother took her last breath here, and being surrounded by memories of her loved ones makes it feel like she is with her mother. The tree also acts as a symbol of her mother’s presence for Nandini. Mitesh expresses concern about Manri, but Nandini assures him they have taken care of everything today and will handle it if their uncle returns. She insists he takes the scooter, but Mitesh insists she keeps it while he leaves.

Hemraj identifies as a businessman, whereas Ishwar has plans to continue farming on the land. Ishwar claims that the farm has been passed down through his family, prompting Hemraj to wonder who will inherit it after him. Mehul chimes in, suggesting that Mitesh should receive something from the property. Specifically, Ishwar intends to give the house to Mitesh and allow Nandini to have the farm. Hemraj assures Ishwar that he is not trying to pressure him but acknowledges their capabilities and believes Ishwar has already considered this scenario. Excusing himself to make a phone call, Hemraj leaves the discussion there.

When Jigar asks Naren what happened, Naren says he’s still thinking about the house, so Jigar suggests he call Nandini. After Naren calls her and asks him if he knows anything, Naren replies that he’s in the office and feels that Mehul will tell her something. Nandini says they’re discussing his marriage, but he’s in the office. Naren says there were meetings, and Nandini agrees.

When Nandini tells him he cannot concentrate and thinks about what will happen in the house, he says he cannot focus. Nandini replies they must comply with the formalities, but the good news is that neither his nor her father accepts dowries. When he asks what she is doing now, she replies she is living her life. When he says this means she is reading the book, she asks what he’s doing, and he replies he’s waiting for her to arrive at his house.

Mehul says to Ishwar that it is crucial that they keep some strength. Ishwar wonders how this could happen, asking if Mehul didn’t hear what Naren’s father asked of them. They sold the jewelry to save the farm, so what would they have left if they lost it as well? For the farmer, the farm serves as a source of income.

Ishwar replies that Nandini has never requested anything from him. Mehul says they will refuse it. He accepts that Nandini will understand. Ishwar says he is thinking the same thing. Nandini got excited when Naren’s father called them. How can he steal her happiness? Ishwar and Mehul both worry about this because Manri said they could take a risk to make this marriage happen. Mehul thinks this is a huge compromise.

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