Faltu 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in.

The Episode begins with Neil insulting Faltu. She stands firm and tells him she would’ve left if not for Dada Ji’s sake. Tanu suggests to Ayaan that they should try to convince her and get her back home, while Janardhan agrees with her. Ayaan insists on meeting Faltu, while Dada ji advises them to stay calm. Faltu tries undauntedly to leave but Neil apologizes in return.

She says, “I know Neil well, and I have to find a house to stay. I can’t stay here forever, but my dad is with me.” Neil suggests she stays until she finds a house, but she refuses, expressing concerns that his family might not appreciate their presence. Despite his plea, she leaves.

Dada ji approaches Neil, who offers him food. Meanwhile, Ayaan, in anger, throws things and hurts himself. Savita and Tanu intervene, trying to stop him. Ayaan expresses his restlessness, unable to calm down until he receives news about Faltu. He acknowledges her relentless efforts to free him from jail and how she always fought for his family. Overwhelmed with regret, he can’t believe he doubted her. Savita cries, deeply moved by the emotional turmoil Ayaan is experiencing.

Sumitra questions if he intends to hurt himself, to which he responds with a desperate “yes.” However, Kinshuk intervenes, stating that they have received news about Faltu.

Neil reminds, “I warned you about the robber’s gang. Since you brought strangers home, I’ll take charge of the meeting. You can brief me on the details.” Dada ji says you hate girls, you have lost humanity, you have changed, you are no longer able to respect her and her dad, do you know what she is going through? He goes. Neil asks what I said and he is so upset. Kaka also goes. Neil says she did magic on everyone. Ayaan asks what the police said, tell me. Tanu says Charan’s phone was off.

In Govind’s statement, Faltu was spotted at a bungalow, and she ran away with a guy before the police raided. Tanu says it was a rave party, so something wrong would happen there, she got there, and Charan says we’re going to Ittarpur. Faltu doesn’t come with you. She asks what will you do staying in this city, I won’t listen to you now, we’re leaving.

He asks her if she will sleep on the road, eat air, manage expenses, do you want me to leave you alone, and if she will forget about her dreams. She cries and says I can’t forget about my dreams. When she refuses to go with him, Neil calls out Dada ji. He says fine, I’m going, I won’t say when I’ll return. Dada ji comes out. Neil hugs him and smiles.

Dada ji says you did wrong this time. Neil says you are innocent, you don’t understand girls, that girl wasn’t right. Dada ji disagrees, saying, “No, just because one girl did wrong to you doesn’t mean every girl is the same.” However, Neil retorts, “I don’t want to talk about her.” Dada ji then questions, “Why do you see her in every girl?”

You don’t know what happened to Faltu at such a young age, he says. Neil asks if she is married. Dada ji says she is Mittals’ bahu, and we’re going to meet with them. She’s Ayaan Mittal’s wife. Neil is shocked. Tanu apologizes for not understanding why she went to a party. Ayaan says we don’t know where she went, maybe she sought help or got sick.

Ayaan says I’ll make an apology video and ask her to come back. Kinshuk says she’s not on social media. Savita says you don’t do this. He asks Kinshuk about the CCTV footage. If you post this video, people will laugh at us, since you broke up with me and married Faltu, what kind of respect will we show? Tanu says people will laugh at us.

Having trapped Ayaan and married him, Neil says she is getting divorced because her truth has been revealed. Dada ji defends her. He says that love cheated you both. It’s not true, my childhood love backstabbed me because she wanted to pursue her career. All girls are the same, they are selfish and opportunists. Dada ji says he is concerned about Faltu.

His lover crosses his mind and he cries. I think you do not want Faltu to return. Tanu says I have always supported you, so you are blaming me. He says I just want to find my Faltu. Savita says fine, just don’t post on social media, we’ll try to contact Charan. Ayaan says let me do whatever I want, I just want to find Faltu. Savita gets angry with Faltu. Tanu says I can assist you.


Ayaan arrives and reveals, “I have learned the truth.” Charan suggests, “Come with me to Ayaan’s house and prove your innocence.” Meanwhile, Govind informs them, “Ayaan is crying and admitting that he did wrong with Faltu.”

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