Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update

Prachi calls Khushi and says I love you. Ranbir gets emotional. She ends the call and thinks even Ranbir used to sleep with Panchi when he heard my lullaby. Pallavi returns to the house and asks why Ranbir didn’t tell her he would be late. Ranbir replies that until you are with me, nothing will happen to me, and asks her to go back to bed.

Ranbir asks if you came to know. Pallavi says she can see his pain clearly and on seeing it, she is about to stop breathing. As Ranbir mentioned to me, Khushi was about to meet with an accident, she is fine, and I felt like my breath had stopped and my heart condition deteriorated thinking about what could happen to me if Khushi met with an accident.

He said he was feeling as if he was dead and that he didn’t know what happened to him, he was mad and the land had been ripped out from under his feet. Pallavi says you regard Khushi as your daughters, how do make you understand that the child is your part that breathes?

Ranbir thinks Prachi and I have the same unknowingly dream when the child gets hurt. She says when the child gets hurt, the parents feel the same pain. She says you want Khushi to fill the emptiness in your life. After picturing his happy family with Prachi and Khushi, Pallavi tells him to sleep and that we will talk in the morning.

As Akshay looks at the ring and says, Prachi. Prachi looks at the moon and prays to it to give her Khushi. She says she is becoming my life’s Khushi. It is Ranbir’s wish to meet Prachi again and again and he asks the Moon why you brought Prachi in front of him. He says I just want Khushi and asks Moon to keep Akshay Tandon away from Prachi since he has feelings for Prachi that she won’t understand.

Prachi knows his feelings, and her music has made him think of her nearly all the time. As the Naina song plays, Akshay thinks of Prachi. In the office, Kaya welcomes Ranbir back and asks if everything is alright. He says you came after a long time. Kaya tells him that she has brought a big export project with her.

The woman tells him that there is a company making a building in foreign countries and we must supply materials from India. She says she has brought a project for him. Ranbir says for me? The woman says if you don’t want it, then I’ll give it to someone else. He says he will read it. Kaya says no mistake shall be made and says this is your independent project. Ranbir thanks her. She says all the specifications are in the file.

He says he will not make a mistake, Kaya says she doesn’t have time, and the company already has a lot of projects. She asks him to manage finance and use his own money. Kaya assures Ranbir and thanks him. He hugs her and then moves away. She asks him not to make any mistakes and says if she finds any, she will not approve it. Ranbir assures her again. Kaya leaves.

Ashok calls Prachi. Prachi says sorry sir. She says I wouldn’t have been late if…Ashok asks if butcher or villain is written on my face. Prachi says no. In response to her question, he asks why she is giving clarification. Prachi asks if he is all right since yesterday he had an accident. He says he is a tiger now, coughs, and says he is old. Prachi asks if he has suffered any shock or trauma from the accident.

Ashok says I am not angry, you are sweet. Prachi says something happened, you need rest. Ashok says if I am talking well, I am in shock. He says good morning, and thanks her for saving Akshay from the police. Prachi answers Akshay’s call and says she is in the office. She takes the file from his cabin.

The weather is hot in Delhi, Akshay says. Prachi says it will get worse in March and asks him to be prepared. He tries to turn on the Air Condition, but it doesn’t work. Upon switching on the pedestal fan, all the papers fall down from the files. Prachi bends down and picks them up. Akshay finds the door jammed and asks Prachi for assistance.

When Prachi tries to open the door, the hair falls on his face. She manages to close it. She asks Akshay what happened, and why is he nervous. Ranbir recalls lying to Dida and Pallavi about getting a job. Ranbir picks up Vikram’s call and tries to tell him. Pallavi, Dida, and Aryan arrive, and Ranbir tells them about the project.

Then Ranbir tells them he has a big project, he has to send raw materials abroad for construction, and his boss’ daughter gave him the project. He is happy.

Kaya tells Ranbir Kohli, you are different and she likes something unusual always. Akshay thanks, Ranbir. Ranbir says she is his. Akshay asks what is yours? Ranbir says, Prachi.

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