Kavya 7th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Malini’s Strategic Defense and Kavya’s Investigation


Kavya 7th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Malini showing the reports. Lawyer asks the judge to stop the hearing, Adi and Kavya are doing good acting. Malini says Naina has filed the wrong blame on Adi. Kavya gets some pics from there. The lawyer asks Malini to have some water. He insults Adi. The call between Alka and Sanjeev starts when Alka hears Badi Amma talk about Naina’s boyfriend. Sanjeev thanks Alka and says I’ll tell Kavya about it.

A lawyer asks the doctor about the nail marks. The doctor says Naina saved her life, so the scratches ended on Adi’s back. The judge asks Malini if she wants to cross-examine the witness. Kavya shows the pictures to Malini. She says yes, the photos were taken at the crime scene. She shows them the demo and asks how Naina’s nail marks ended on Adi’s back.

She inquires with the doctor about the origin of these marks – whether Naina pushed or pulled Adi. The doctor confirms that Naina had pulled him towards her. Anjali commends Kavya for her exceptional discovery. Malini explains that Adi was leaving, and Naina stopped him, resulting in the marks on his back. The judge concurs, and Malini pledges to protect them. The lawyer seeks to present additional evidence: pictures of Adi embracing Naina. This sparks a debate between Malini and the lawyer. Kavya urges Anjali to speak truthfully. Anjali takes the stand as the lawyer begins questioning her.

Whenever he asks about Adi’s relationship with Kavya, Anjali replies that there is no problem between them but just a rift. He says that when the husband and wife were apart, Adi got close to Naina, so he tried to attack her. Adi asks Adi why you held her hand. Adi says she did not want to meet her boyfriend, she was scared, I wanted them to talk and solve their problem, I was trying to help her like a friend. The lawyer says no one helps a wife to this extent, and I’m telling the truth.

He refutes the accusations and tears up as the lawyer confronts him. Giriraj urges for a speedy resolution, warning that Adi’s prospects will suffer if it drags on. Malini offers him a seat. Adi confesses his flaws as a person, son, and husband but praises his family for supporting him. He reveals his aspirations of becoming a respectable politician and serving the community with their trust. The judge announces that the hearing will conclude today. Kavya and Malini comfort Adi while Malini takes a call and picks up.

She is shocked when Sanjeev tells her what Alka told him. He says Badi Amma asked someone about Naina’s boyfriend, and I think she planned it all. We don’t have time and must find Naina’s boyfriend immediately. I did not find Rohit, and he was last seen with Kishor. Kavya fools Kishor when she sees him and fools him. Kishor decides he needs to stop Kavya. He goes to meet Rohit. He tells Kavya and Sanjeev that Rohit is very mean. He says Rohit has troubled Naina a lot.


Regardless of what happens, Kavya says I will support the truth.

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