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The Episode opens with Abhay curiously questioning Akshay about Bua’s sudden departure to the temple. Akshay explains that Bua is a religious person and may have gone to pray for Mihika’s safe return. Abhay then inquires why Akshay seems so calm in this situation. Akshay reveals that he does not want Ranbir and Mihika’s engagement to take place since Prachi does not approve of it. He adds that he hopes for Ranbir to leave their house after tonight, and once Mihika is found, he plans to make her understand and break off Ranbir’s relationship with her and their family. Abhay advises him to remain composed and drive carefully.

The Inspector comes to the farmhouse with the constable and finds Rhea’s goon there, as well as a handkerchief with chloroform. He calls Ranbir and tells him that he has found a goon who might have kidnapped Mihika, who is on the wanted list. Prachi informs Ranbir that she does not believe Rhea’s goon kidnapped Mihika. They will reach Mihika if Ranbir is right, he tells Prachi.

Pradeep takes Mihika to his house. He asks what to do? Mayank says I don’t know what to do, so he asks him to bring a charger. Mihika regains consciousness and finds herself in Pradeep’s house. Mihika looks at Mayank and asks what did you do with me, I shouldn’t have trusted you. Mayank says I trusted you, however. Mihika says she will leave. Mayank says I didn’t bring you to go. He says you will not.

Then Mihika asks him to leave her. Pradeep says his neighbors may hear them. Mayank asks Pradeep to tie her hands. Pradeep becomes tense. Mayank ties her hands with a cloth himself. Mihika asks him to let her go. Ranbir arrives at Mayank’s house and asks where he is. Mayank’s father asks him to come inside, and Mayank’s father calls him, but the call doesn’t connect.

The mother of Mayank coughs. Prachi asks if she is fine. Mayank’s father says they need bahu right away, but Mayank left her in her mayka. He stumbles. Ranbir holds him and asks if he is okay. His father says his son will be like him, and they want his love, but he just wants the money.

He tells Mihika he heard she loves Ranbir. She says you’re already married, but Mayank says he’s booking tickets and they’re going to run away. Someone knocks on the door. Pradeep and Mayank go to see who’s there.

Pradeep and Mayank look outside, but nobody is outside. They come back and search for the phone. Mihika takes the phone and calls Ranbir. She tells him that she is in Pradeep’s house. She will send him the location.

Manpreet tells Pallavi that if you had told us that Rhea was dangerous, we wouldn’t have planned this engagement. Dida tells her not to be concerned. Ashok tells Akshay that Akshay is on his way after filing the Police complaint.

Palavi says once we find Mihika, we will call off this engagement and she feels what Manpreet ji is going through and says I should have told Rhea how dangerous she is, and that I thought she had changed. She says I had thrown her out of the house last time. She says whoever tries to marry Ranbir, Rhea does the same thing with that girl. Dida takes her aside and asks what you’re talking about.

In Palavi’s opinion, Ranbir doesn’t want to be married and tells her Prachi and Ranbir were together in the room and that they love each other deeply. If this marriage takes place, Rhea will show her other avatar, and Mihika will become like her. According to her, they don’t stay together and don’t let each other stay with someone else.

Dida asks her to be quiet. Pallavi says if truth changes and I stay silent, I would have been silent. Akshay comes home and tells him Vishaka prayed at the temple. He gets a live location from Mihika. Abhay says I’ll come along. Akshay tells him to stay at home. He leaves with Manpreet and Pallavi.

A visitor to Pradeep’s house is Ranbir, Prachi, and Shahana. Inspector also comes and says they got Ranbir’s call. Akshay, Manpreet and Pallavi arrive. They search for Mihika, but she is not there. Akshay asks what Mihika was doing here? Ranbir says Mayank kidnapped her, he was her ex boyfriend. Akshay asks why he would kidnap her.

Rhea threatens to kill Mihika with the knife. A FB is shown, Rhea comes to Mayank’s house. Mayank finds Mihika’s phone. He asks what you did? Pradeep opens the door and asks who are you? She asks him to move and asks him to close the door. She asks if there is a room in this house that is not in the house.

As she holds Mihika’s neck, she says she came to help them. Pradeep says the storeroom. Police, Ranbir, and others arrive there. Mayank and Rhea tell Rhea she must send Mihika to get Ranbir. Pradeep asks how did you know Mihika was here. Rhea says she knows her capabilities and what she can do to get Ranbir’s love. She says Ranbir is hers and she will always be hers. Pradeep causes some books to fall over, so Rhe and Mayank go to Pradeep.

When Mihika runs from there, she shouts for help. Everyone hears her voice. She arrives and sees Manpreet and others and says Mom. Rhea hides from seeing everyone. Mayank comes in front of them and says that if Mihika leaves me, I will commit suicide. . Mihika warns her not to do that. When Rhea escapes from the window, Manpreet asks if this is Mayank. He claims to be her ex boyfriend, who threatens to cut his wrist if she leaves him. Everyone is stunned.


He says that girls like you can never find good families. He says that girls like you are bad, cheap, characterless, and will never get a good family. Prachi is in shock. Ranbir gets angry and hits Akshay. Akshay falls to the ground.


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