Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th June 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The two perform pooja at a temple. Sai closes her eyes and visualizes Virat. Satya then tells Sai he understood that god has plans that humans cannot comprehend. Sai asks what he means. Satya believes he knows why he moved to Nagpur after Girija’s death, why his family ladies pressured him for marriage, and why he married Sai; everything is planned by God. Ashwini tells Sai that Virat still loves her and can’t live without her.

Even now, Sai cannot explain how it happened, she gave birth to Saavi alone and raised her alone, never needed a man, but she does not know when she felt so weak and needed to marry him, she cannot explain how this happened.

In the same temple, Ashwini recalls forcing Sai to marry Satya. She thinks that she violated the law by separating Virat from Sai rather than protecting Paakhi. As Ashwini calls her, Satya attempts to propose to Sai. Sai walks to Ashwini. Satya thinks he shouldn’t propose to Sai this way. Ashwini says she is performing a maha mrityunjay jaap for Virat because she believes something bad will happen to him.

Ashwini asks Sai to sit with her for the jaap and seek Satya’s permission. Sai agrees and Satya thinks it’s finally time to reveal his feelings for her. After finishing the jaap, Sai informs Ashwini that she has to leave to pick Saavi up from school. Ashwini then apologizes for pressuring Sai into a second marriage to protect Virat and Paakhi’s relationship. She admits that she never expected Paakhi, the person she sacrificed Sai for, to leave them. Realizing that Virat and Vinu need Sai, Ashwini asks her whether she wants to spend her life with Satya or Virat. However, Sai believes it is too late for this question as time cannot be reversed.

Ashwini sobs, questioning who could possibly sway a mother’s heart. She reveals that she had successfully convinced everyone that Sai and Virat’s separation would put his life in danger. However, to her dismay, she was the one who ended up separating them. Confused, Sai asks why she is bringing all of this up. Ashwini explains that she is worried Virat will seek out dangerous missions and put his life at risk. She can’t bear to see her son suffer. Trying to reassure her, Sai tells her it’s not her fault. In desperation, Ashwini begs for Sai to find her own happiness and acknowledges that it lies with Virat. She warns Sai that one decision could impact many lives. With a heavy heart, Sai remains conflicted and leaves the temple.

A beggar woman approaches Sai for assistance. Sai kindly offers her some money. The woman thanks her and recalls how she helped another lonely woman and blessed her. Sai admits that despite being surrounded by others, she too has felt alone at times. She is confused as to why life has put both her and Virat in a situation with no clear solution. The woman agrees, adding that there seems to be no way forward, only a deep pit ahead. She urges Sai to keep moving and find her own path. Sai wonders if she should go back to her ex-husband, as Ashwini had suggested she tends to prioritize others over herself, yet their happiness remains elusive. Her life feels like a riddle, and she regrets not following her heart for the sake of what is deemed right or wrong. The weight of these thoughts brings her to tears.

Satya takes Saavi and Vinu home from school and prepares food for them. He wonders why Sai is so late. Sai returns. Saavi and Vinu hug her. Saavi says Satya is preparing food for them. Sai asks Vinu if her baba didn’t pick him up today. Vinu says Mohit picked him up because today is Virat’s farewell. Then Sai rushes to meet Virat thinking that Virat took a transfer without telling her.


When Sai reaches Chavan nivas and asks Bhavani to call Virat, Karishma tells him Virat just left for the airport. Sai rushes to the airport, finds Virat, cries, and hugs him.


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