Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Swati apologizing to Surili. Surili asks her to tell the truth to the family. She says you have hurt all of them. Stay happy, Swati says. Surili hugs Shiv and thanks him. Shiv asks Surili not to do anything. He says just take a break. He asks what the problem is. She tells him about the pregnancy.

Swati recalls Veera’s murder and shouts no, blood…. Surili says nothing. Raghav asks what happened to you. Swati says I want to tell you something, a dark truth about my life. Surili says actually, Swati…. Mohit shows the drawing. Surili says it is so cute. Mohit says I made it for you both. Surili says it is Surili, Shiv, Mohit and champ. Raghav cries saying you have done a lot and are telling me now. Swati apologizes.

It is Mohit who asks Shiv to play with him. Shiv says there is something imp we are discussing, Surili says we can talk later, but Mohit wants to play. He hugs her and says you are the best. Raghav says you cheated me and my family, you never loved me, so this marriage was a lie, you killed my love. Swati says I know, sorry, I love the one who cares for me a lot, who blindly trusts me, I love you Raghav, I realized that I was stubborn to gain your throne, so I need you.

She says I love you very much, I wish to become your wife. He asks if she is telling the truth. She says yes. He hugs her. Samar says Raghav trusted me and ruined himself. Swati throws the necklace he gifted. She thinks sorry, I will hide Veera’s truth, I can’t afford to lose you.

According to Samar, you turned down the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a princess. As Raghav’s wife, I am considered a guest in this situation. He disagrees with Samar and questions if you have lost your mind, given your proximity to the crown. However, she claims to have finally come to her senses and declares that she will no longer be controlled by anyone. He accuses her of being driven by greed and urges her not to let go of this chance. She remains firm in her decision and asserts that she will attain the crown through her own fate and abilities. She also expresses contentment with being Raghav’s wife and declares that it is time for her to reciprocate his love. In a warning tone, she tells him to stay away from her or else she will reveal his truth to others. With that, she leaves while he finds amusement in the situation.

Then Roshni arrives and asks what happened. Samar says she had a change of heart, but her words and emotions aren’t of hers. She is greedy, and she can never think of others. Surili changed her, so I’ll give her a check. Roshni says defeating her is not an easy task. She asks what you thought now. She asks whose destruction it was.

In Shiv’s words, I can’t give you time. Surili says it’s fine. He asks what you said on the phone, there was a network problem. She says I didn’t kill anyone. He says he does know it. Ranimaa calls everyone and they rush to see. Maan stands up and smiles as everyone sees him. They hug him happily, and Samar is shocked. He leaves. Maan cries. He sees Swati. Surili asks the baby to meet his favorite uncle, Maan is a poet and really nice. Swati leaves.

Raghav asks Swati to go in and meet Maan. Swati comes in. Maan stares at her. Ranimaa asks are you okay? Maan stares at her. He says yes, he wants to tell you all something that will shock you. Ranimaa says we all want to know it, tell me who did that with you, who snatched Veera from us. Shiv asks Maan to say. Maan points to Swati. He says Swati killed Veera. Everyone is shocked.

Maan says yes, Veera has been killed with the dagger she stabbed in his back. Swati cries. Raghav asks what. Maan says Veera always fought for us and helped us. Raghav is shocked. Maan says Swati killed Veera, which protected me and fought for my life. Raghav asks Swati to tell everyone that Maan is mistaken, that she did not kill anyone.

Maan says it’s not a misunderstanding, it’s a sin, we welcomed Swati into our family, she ruining our happiness, she’s a murderer. Veera saved my life, Maan says. Ranimaa says enough. She gets angry and slaps Swati. She scolds Swati for cheating them. Swati says forgive me. Samar gives the file to the lawyer. He checks the documents. Mr. Barot says congrats. Samar says I can ruin everyone if I want to, I’m a little kind, I’ll take their lives and leave them alone.


He laughs. The family is shocked. Samar says Suchitra is the rightful heir to the throne, Barot industries, and everything else.


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