Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat warns Bhavani of the potential consequences if she reacts angrily and suggests she silently observe the function instead. She expresses her frustration at having to endure it all because of Sai. Meanwhile, Sai briefs Amba and team that they will perform next. However, two employees add alcohol to their water in anticipation of the lavani dance. The host then announces that the performance will not take place due to unforeseen circumstances. As Satya sees Virat conversing with the show organizers, he accuses him of orchestrating the cancellation at his aunt’s request, who believes it is beneath dignified individuals to watch lavani. Upon hearing this, Sai confronts Virat for his narrow-minded actions, to which he asks for clarification from Satya.

Bhavani expresses relief that they won’t have to watch lavani, to which Amba responds by saying she is jealous of sitting among dignified people. Bhavani retorts by reminding Amba that she is still considered a cheap dancer. Virat shares with Sai and Satya that he has no issue with lavani. The host then announces that the performance had to be cancelled due to their VIP guest’s urgent meetings. Sai approaches the guest and politely asks if he could stay for the lavani performance in order to promote it and prevent it from disappearing from society. The guest graciously agrees and compliments Sai on not only being a good doctor but also a good citizen. The host then introduces Amba’s group for the lavani performance, causing Bhavani and Virat’s displeasure while the other guests applaud. The host adds that Sai and Saavi will also be joining them onstage. As Sai stands up to go, Satya notices her loose gajra and fixes it for her, expressing his happiness at the turn of events. This only angers Virat even more as Sai and Saavi join Amba’s team for their lively performance on Pingadi pori… song.

Fueled by anger, Virat angrily consumes a concoction of alcohol and water. Satya follows suit, drinking the same beverage. As the effects of the drink start to take hold, they step outside for some fresh air. In their intoxicated state, they stumble into each other and quickly become amicable. They jest about being long-lost cousins and even take a selfie together. Satya jokingly suggests that Virat must have fallen in love with Sai at first sight due to her cuteness. However, Virat solemnly states that Sai was pressured into marrying him. Curious, Satya asks if the same pressure was placed on Sai to marry him as well. After an impressive lavani performance, everyone applauds the artists. A VIP guest praises them for preserving their state’s rich cultural traditions and encourages other guests to support them as well. Amba beams with happiness while Bhavani scowls disapprovingly.

Satya reveals Virat that Sai married him to avoid Virat’s pressure on her, and she still loves him. Sai said in front of the media that Satya is her husband, and fought with the minister for his family, so Sai loves Satya. Satya says we should both ask Sai who she loves. Virat asks Satya whether he will leave Sai if she says he loves Virat.


Virat tells Satya that Sai still loves her. Satya replies that they should ask Sai. They leave in their car after finding the function ended and everyone had left. Sai gets a call that she received some important news.

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