Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with everyone explaining the situation to Abhir. He mentions that he has booked a train ticket and they have an hour to pack. Manish then brings up the issue of whoever is responsible for Abhinav’s death and Akshara responds by stating that they need to stay where they are. However, Abhir suggests going home to meet their dad despite Kairav’s reminder that he is not there. Not giving up, Akshara offers to go to Kasauli instead if that’s what he wants. After imagining his encounter with Abhir, Abhimanyu expresses his fears and pleads for a chance to talk to his son on the phone before saying goodbye. As Akshara tends to Aarohi’s high fever, Manish expresses concern about her actions while Aarohi insists on taking care of him. Finally, as Abhir prepares to leave in a car, he tells Ruhi that she should come visit them and bring Docman and Aarohi along too. They hug before he drives away.

Akshara signs Kairav, who then places the bag in the car. Abhir turns on the radio and a familiar song, “Thoda hai thodi ki…”, plays. It reminds Abhir of Abhinav and brings tears to his eyes. In a moment of grief, he calls out for his father, saying “Papa…” Everyone around is overcome with emotion. Akshara gestures for them to leave and they all do so. As they are about to go, Abhir embraces Akshara and sobs uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Kairav suggests that they reveal the truth about Abhimanyu to Abhir. However, Suwarna disagrees, arguing that he is still just a child and doesn’t need any more sadness in his life. She reminds them that he recently lost his father and doesn’t know the truth about what happened. Akshara adds by saying that for Abhir, Abhinav was his only father and now that he is gone, Abhimanyu’s actions have caused him immense pain.

Manjiri discusses with the group that they will inform Abhir and keep him away from Abhimanyu. Shefali disagrees, but Akshara steps in and says she will make sure Abhir stays away from Abhimanyu. Manish brings up the concern of how to answer Abhir’s questions about his father and where the doctor is. Surekha advises that they should tell him the complete truth since it’s what’s best for him. Manjiri adds that Abhir deserves to know the truth, but Shefali trusts Abhimanyu and believes that everyone has their own version of the truth. She suggests waiting for the court to make a decision in Abhimanyu’s favor before telling Abhir anything. Akshara agrees to tell him after the court case is over, while Manjiri decides to go talk to Abhir personally. They find him sleeping and talking in his sleep with his father, but he wakes up asking where his father is. Manish asks Akshara to go comfort him while Manjiri and Shefali join them.

Abhir is aware of Abhinav’s situation, which turns out to not be a mere accident as Akshara suggests, but rather a deliberate plan orchestrated by Abhimanyu. However, Manjiri insists that it was all just a misunderstanding and defends her son, stating that a mother’s intuition is never wrong. Nonetheless, Akshara makes it clear that Abhimanyu is not only not Abhir’s father but also a murderer who has taken away her beloved Abhinav. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise followed by the sight of Abhir collapsing on the staircase. Immediately, everyone rushes to his aid while Aarohi wonders if he overheard their conversation. Deciding to take him upstairs, she asks if he will be alright and Abhir utters the words “Papa come soon.”

As the morning light creeps through the window, Akshara announces her plans to make hot chocolate for Abhir. Her train of thought is interrupted by a familiar tune playing in the background – it’s Vandana’s voice. She recalls their encounter at the music workshop, where she had complimented Vandana’s unique singing capabilities. Without delay, Akshara dials Vandana’s number and showers her with praise for her melodious voice. After confirming that everything is alright, Vandana expresses her condolences upon learning about Abhinav’s passing and asks about Akshara’s son. With a nod, Akshara assures that he is safe and well-taken care of. In turn, Vandana commends Akshara for her strength and reminds her that her son is the reason she must keep going in life. Offering her support in any way possible, she thanks Akshara and encourages her to share if there is anything she needs. Acknowledging Vandana’s kind words, Akshara urges her to continue sharing her gift with the world. In response, Vandana wishes for Akshara to conquer the world with all the best intentions. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu pleads with a constable to let


In the court, Akshara says I am Abhimanyu’s lawyer. Abhimanyu says she is fighting for me. Manjiri says it is her way of taking revenge.


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