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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dhawal asks you what you are saying at the beginning of the episode. Natasha says I understand everything, Amrish is always there to break the trust between us, he can’t be wrong for you, I’m wrong, you have stolen my everything, you have guts to come back to me, your apology cannot fix anything, the Pandya store cannot return. Kaise mann samjhaye…plays…Suman and her grandsons get in the rain and try to pick things up at the Pandya store.

Isha calls Chiku. He disconnects. Shesh says take her call, she has cheated us, let us know. Chiku becomes angry and says don’t say a word more, otherwise I will break your mouth, control your tongue, we have no relationship with that family, not even Natasha. When Natasha faints, she asks Dhawal to leave. He shouts and calls the doctor. The doctor asks him to go out so her stress doesn’t get worse. Her kidney already has swollen, so try to understand.

You’ll be fine, Natasha, Dhawal says. Chiku says don’t worry, I understand everything. He leaves. He sees the Pandyas. Dhawal cries and recalls Natasha’s words. Natasha talks in sleep. The doctor asks the nurse to observe Natasha. Amrish says Bansi should be taken care of well. Hetal nods. Dolly says everything looks so good. Amrish says your dad is so good. Isha wonders how to locate Chiku and Suman.

As Bansi hugs Amrish, Amrish welcomes him. Bansi asks where Natasha is. Amrish says Natasha has gone out for some work, but she will come. You are the first Samdhi to get respect in our house. Amba asks why Natasha has not shown up until now. Is it the silence before a storm? Hetal says I am unaware of her. Amrish asks him to prepare Bansi’s meal.

Arriving home in a rage, Dhawal’s appearance surprises Amba and the rest. She questions how he obtained his injury. After catching sight of Bansi, Dhawal’s anger only intensifies, prompting him to toss his meal aside. The stunned onlookers witness him direct his fury towards Amrish, questioning how he could share a meal with Bansi. He reminds him of the betrayal committed by both Dolly and Bansi. Chirag intervenes, urging Dhawal to calm down. In response, Dhawal revealed that the file sent by Bansi contained plans to sabotage the Pandya store. This discovery causes Amrish to worry that perhaps Dhawal has uncovered his secret. Fuming, Dhawal confronts Bansi for duping them and demands an explanation for his actions.

He holds Bansi’s collar. He asks who gave you this right to interfere in our family. He says you don’t value family. He pushes Bansi. Bansi faints. Chirag and Bhaven take him to the sofa. Dolly scolds Dhawal. He thinks he shouldn’t be here. Chirag slaps Dhawal, but Amba stops him.

Chirag claims you’ve lost control, forgotten our household rules, and physically harmed my father-in-law. Did Amba and Amrish teach you to behave this way? Dolly is asking you to apologize. Dhawal refuses, insisting that Bansi has deceived his family. Amba wants to know what this girl did to her son. Dhawal explains that Natasha is in the hospital because of Bansi’s actions. Hetal is concerned about Natasha’s well-being. However, Dhawal brushes it off, stating that Bansi doesn’t care and is dining with them while their store is broken. He points out everyone’s faces and notes that no one seems bothered by it. Bhaven intervenes, saying it’s enough now and reminding them that the store is bound to fail eventually. Dhawal concludes by saying they were cheated.

He asks Amrish to inform everyone about Bansi’s betrayal. Bansi is perplexed and questions why he would make such an accusation, as there are no secrets between them. This revelation shocks Dhawal. Bansi clarifies that as business partners, he always kept Amrish informed of any decisions made to improve their business. He fulfilled his duty as a samdhi (in-law) and acted in a way that Natasha or any other relative from Amrish’s sasural (in-laws’ house) would have done. Bansi explains that he only had Amrish’s best interests in mind and ensured his respect was not compromised. Do you understand now, Dhawal? Dhawal remains stunned and asks Amrish to respond to the situation.

Dhawal says it wouldn’t have been wrong to make changes in the mall, if the store hadn’t broken. Amrish says it’s not a joke, and the store had to break. Dhawal says it means you were supporting wrong by staying silent.


She packs her bags. Amba asks her to do a little thing before she leaves. Amrish says he can’t be separated from his brother. Dhawal says it’s a divorce file.

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