Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Manoj asks Janki how he can stop Manas. He says sorry, but Manas won’t make Mauli wear mangalsutra until he wins her heart. Janki disagrees. Manoj says Manas left Mauli and went to someone else, so how can he keep the marriage? Janki says one has to maintain the relationship. My father said when we decided to marry Ajanta, I couldn’t tell you because love marriage was not a custom in our family. I was scared and hurt you all.

I am trying to convince you all and solve the tangled relations. I do not want Mauli to get trapped in the wrong relationship. If Manas and Mauli get together, I would be very happy, but he has to win Mauli’s trust and heart. It is important for me that Mauli says yes according to her wishes, as she is my daughter, and her happiness and consent are important.

He holds Mauli’s hand. She cries. Dad is right, he says. I promise Mauli, I will earn your trust; no one will pressure you; give me a chance to fix everything. Despite Manisha’s scolding, Manas asks Mauli to think hard and make a decision. Everyone discusses it. She recalls her childhood when Manoj welcomed her home and became her father. As she hugs him, she says yes.

Hari suggests that Mauli and Manas should get married once he has won her heart. Janki agrees, stating that she hopes for an auspicious time for their wedding. Manas expresses his gratitude towards Mauli. Janki then proposes to do a puja as a part of the preparations. Meanwhile, Jyoti offers Akshay some prasad, which he politely declines. Manisha intervenes and asks Jyoti to leave to have a private conversation. She advises Akshay to divert their mother’s attention towards their family instead of Manoj’s. He agrees and decides to take action, while Rahul plans to uncover Manas’ intentions by following him after overhearing his conversation on the phone.

Mauli agreed to give me a chance, but she can’t forgive me, everyone will see my efforts; this was our plan to ruin Mauli’s image, and I’ll have dad’s property as ours. Aashna and Rahul hide from Rahul as Rahul looks for Manas. Manas sees Rahul coming. He asks Aashna to get down.

Raju goes. Manas says I have to go, and we have to be careful. Aashna says I love you. He says I love you too. Mauli thinks of him and is lost. Jyoti comes to her and asks if she is okay. Mauli cries. When Manas brings the groceries home, he says he’ll make food for Mauli, but you’ll only have the kitchen for two hours. She asks Jyoti to assist Manas. Ajanta smiles.

Janki says men these days want to become chefs. Tanvi says Manas will make something for Mauli, and then we will make dinner. Jyoti asks what the purpose of making food is. Rahul says anyone can cook, but top chefs are men, and if you want to see a man’s greatness, you need to check his loyalty. He says Mauli and Manas aren’t married; their marriage broke. Janki argues with him.

Manas sets the dinner for Mauli. She is surprised by the decorations. Golu and Rohit visit. Manoj serves the food to Mauli. Jyoti invites Golu to dinner. Rahul sees Mauli and Manas. A man says sorry, Sir, I forgot to give the dessert parcel. Rahul says thank you. He checks and says Manas.


Everyone watches Rahul and Mauli fall under the curtains. Manas enters.

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