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A lady from the orphanage asks Phoolmati about the girls. Phoolmati tells her they will return. Bhim searches for them. In the night, the girls are sitting in the jungle away from the village. Payal says mosquitoes are biting. Bhim goes to find them.

Then he asks them to come in front of him. Bindiya sees a snake and tells Payal. Payal is about to shout, but Bindiya keeps her hand on her mouth and gets bit by it. Bhim thinks they’re scared of the darkness and can’t be here. He leaves. Bindiya throws a stone at the snake and it flees.

As it will handle such girls who run away from home, the orphanage lady asks Phoolmati to give them double the money. Bhim arrives there and tells the guy he can’t find her. He asks what happened if sanskari girls haven’t been found, but Phoolmati thinks of a conspiracy.

When the kids say their dadi is dead, Bindiya and Payal rush home. They cry and call Dadi. Your dadi is alive still, Phoolmati says, and she lays a trap in order to catch them. The kids agreed to do this for money, so they ran away. Bindiya and Payal cry and ask her not to send them to an orphanage. Phoolmati tells them they must go.

Bindiya tries talking to Dadi and asks her to see Bua. Bindiya says we can’t survive without you. Phoolmati holds their hands and takes them outside. The orphanage workers hold their hands. Phoolmati asks them to be quiet and gives them 1000 rupees. They say don’t send us away from Dadi and us.

Phoolmati says they don’t have money. The lady asks for the gold ornament. Phoolmati gives the gold chain she stole from Dadi’s cupboard. Bindiya examines them.

Dadi hears the girls shouting Dadi and comes to her senses. She falls down on her bed and calls Bindiya and Payal. The guy says you won’t get this chain or you won’t be able to return here. Phoolmati and Bhim lock Dadi’s room. The orphanage workers take the girls in the auto. The guy says they have to sell the chain.

The woman says she will wear it until then. Bindiya tells Payal not to worry and says everything will be fine. A man brings cows on the way. The worker gets down and asks the man to move. Bindiya tells Payal to run out of the car.

As Payal snatches the lady’s chain, she pushes her and gets down. They run. The orphanage workers or say goons catch them again. Bindiya asks Payal to run. Payal runs and collides with her Mama. Mama asks the guy if the girl is his. The guy says yes.

Mama beats them and says their mother isn’t alive, but their Mama is. The goons return their stuff and their mother’s chain. Bindiya and Payal hug their Mothers. Mami arrives. The girls hug and praise their Mami for being an angel. Mama says let’s go home and praise each other. Bindiya says she is afraid. Mami tells them to sit in the car.

Payal tells Mami that she is her favourite. Mami asks them not to put their hands out. Mama says the road is empty.

After scolding Dadi, Phoolwati and Bhim lift her from the floor. Phoolwati asks her not to move from the bed. The girls call Dadi, shocking Phoolwati and Bhim. Dadi is happy to see them.

Bindiya tells Payal that God saved us by sending Mama and Mami. Bhim wakes Phoolmati and shows everything has been stolen. Phoolmati informs everyone that Madam took her mother and nieces.

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