Agnisakshi 14th August 2023 Written Episode: Satvik and Jeevika’s Emotional Farewell in Court!


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The episode begins with Satvik and Jeevika in the car. A man approaches them and offers to sell a flower. Satvik generously gives him 500 Rs, but the man only asks for 10 Rs. Rather than accepting the change, Satvik urges the man to keep the money. The kind gesture prompts the man to give another flower, meant for Madam, in hopes of bringing a smile to her face. Satvik then presents the flower to Jeevika, noting that her eyes seem sad today. He takes responsibility for making her cry and hopes that her future husband will not make the same mistake. However, Jeevika reassures him that what he has given her is more valuable than any husband could offer; she believes husbands like him are rare and not everyone is lucky enough to have one in their life.

Satvik comments that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a wife like her who gets emotional and leaves. Upon Pradeep’s return, Pallavi requests that he hand over the bag. However, he appears upset with her. Sukanya arrives and justifies their actions for Jeevika’s well-being. Curious, Pradeep asks if she knows what is happening in Jeevika’s life. Sukanya replies with a question of her own. Concerned, Pradeep vows not to let Jeevika suffer or make drastic decisions. This causes Sukanya to become anxious. Meanwhile, Satvik and Jeevika are seen enjoying ice cream together. Satvik teases her about having ice cream on her nose and playfully wipes it off for her.

Juhi questions Rajnandini about visiting the court to witness their separation. However, Rajnandini expresses concern that Satvik may manipulate the situation and coerce her to reveal the truth. She fears that he may twist the judge’s statement by playing on their romantic history. This thought makes her feel suffocated, and she cannot relax until this issue is resolved. Jeevika chimes in, reminding Rajnandini that Satvik is not perfect and has childish tendencies. Satvik recalls a moment when he turned away when his shirt button was undone, causing Rajnandini to cover her face in embarrassment. He also mentions other instances, such as their “Zara sa jhoom lun” moment, adding that there are many more happy memories like this between them. However, Jeevika points out that time seems to have flown by, and they are nearing the end of their 6-month timeline without any resolution in sight.

She mentioned that we arrived here for a 10-minute stay, but now it has been 2 hours and 10 minutes without us realizing it. She urges him to speak up and reiterates that coming here was not meant to be a life-changing decision. Satvik pleads with her not to leave and promises to go to court to show respect for her feelings. He suggests ending the discussion, stating that he is not a hero and feels scared deep down. He confesses that he had hoped she would understand, but she has already decided to break his heart. Satvik remarks on how much everyone misses her when she’s not home and expresses concern over the disappointment they will feel when they learn of her departure. He admits his mistakes from the beginning and assures her that everything will be alright as they still have each other’s love and willingness to risk everything for it.

He asks how you can leave me, whom you love so much. He says now we shall not do any delay, and we shall go to court late, and then the court will be closed. He says I have seen my whole life with you, and I will grow old with you. He asks if you are happy for the life ahead. While saying yes, Jeevika asks Satvik why I am confusing my life due to my stubbornness. Satvik asks her to say it for their half-dozen children. Jeevika says no and says we are late for court.

Rajnandini informs Juhi that Satvik is not answering her calls. Juhi then inquires about Rajnandini’s thoughts on Satvik’s remarriage. Rajnandini explains that she had chosen Jeevika to be her ally, but she had turned against her and declared that she would not allow any girl, including Jeevika, to enter Satvik’s life. As they arrive at the courthouse, the lawyer greets them and assures them that all necessary documents have been completed. Jeevika breaks down in tears while Satvik gazes at her. Curious, she asks him why he is staring at her. Satvik responds by saying it will be the last time he looks at her and asks if they can remain friends after their divorce, pleading with her not to reject his request as he cannot afford to lose both reasons for having a relationship with her.

Jeevika tells Satvik not to question her about her decision. He assures her that he won’t ask. Satvik explains that the direction towards Dhruv Tara is clear, and they shouldn’t get lost like ships in the sky. He also reminds her not to blame him if he stops living his life. Jeevika explains that she didn’t want to break his heart, but she had no choice. Satvik presses on, asking why she would choose to do so. He urges her to reconsider, as it affects their entire lives. Jeevika insists that this decision was made for their entire future, not just for one day. She invites Satvik to join her and asks him not to make things more complicated for her.


Satvik and Jeevika get a divorce from the judge—both cry. Satvik asks Jeevika why their separation is, and she agrees not to lie.

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