Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan and Riva smile when Rao Saheb Yashwanth proposes to them. While everyone looks shocked, Yashwanth asks why they are looking so shocked by his decision. Swanand says his joke habit has not yet disappeared, he should act in movies. Ishan and Riva are congratulated by Shikha, Durva, and Avni. According to Yashwanth, nothing will change if Riva rejects his proposal and she will remain here until she finishes her studies. Riva approves and shyly runs away.

Ishan is then asked what he thinks. On the other side, Vinu tells Savi that he doesn’t want her to become like their parents as they were wrong to sacrifice their lives for others; they died in that plane hijack’s and let their parents and children suffer; she should accept the fact that Sai and Virat are dead and shouldn’t make them a godly figure. Their conversation disturbs Ninad, causing him to collapse.

Ishan advises Yashwanth not to postpone fate’s decisions, as relationships are destined to be. Yashwanth agrees and expresses his joy. Surekha suggests matching horoscopes before finalizing the alliance, and Swati shares the same sentiment, considering it a matter of her daughter’s future. However, Yashwanth holds a different belief and trusts hard work and effort over horoscopes. He decides to celebrate their newfound relationship by asking his servant to bring liquor bottles.

After examining Ninad, the doctor concludes that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure. The doctor advises the family to keep him away from any potential sources of stress. Vinu assures the doctor that they will take good care of Ninad. However, Surekha appears dissatisfied with Yashwant’s recent decision. In an attempt to comfort her, Yashwant recites a poem and professes his love for her. Concerned, Surekha questions Yashwant’s decision without consulting her first. He reassures her by stating that their daughter, Riva, is not like their other daughter Isha. To which, Surekha responds by pointing out Riva’s similarities to Isha – both are educated and may have future professional aspirations. Yashwant confidently declares that Surekha has a knack for reforming others according to their nature and maintaining control over them. He manages to make her smile before leaving.

Swati voices her disapproval of the alliance and accuses Yashwanth of behaving like a dictator by making decisions without consulting them. In response, Swanand urges her to consider Yashwanth’s intentions rather than his demeanor. Swati then expresses concern about the treatment of women in the Bhosale family, noting that Shikha and Asmita are constantly confined to the kitchen. She does not want Riva to have a similar experience. However, Swanand assures her that he always follows his heart when it comes to Riva and she need not worry as Riva will find happiness in this household.

Bhavani is placing the blame on Savi for Ninad’s condition, which is immediately supported by Vinu who raises his voice at Savi. However, Ninad himself calls to check on her well-being and Savi assures him that she is fine. Amidst this conversation, Ninad voices his concern about Sai and Virat’s death and how Bhavani’s decisions are now causing worry for Savi’s future. In response, Bhavani defends her loyalty towards the Chavan family and insists that she only wants what is best for them. She even expresses her concern for Savi as she is now considered a precious gift after Virat’s passing, and questions what will happen to her if Vinu gets married. Despite Savi’s request to not add stress to Ninad, Bhavani believes it is his responsibility as a senior male in the household to take action if he disagrees with her decision and find a suitable match for Savi.


As she wants a grandson within a year, Bhavani tells Savi to forget studies and focus on marriage. Ashwini suggests Savi elope. Ishan confronts Riva and tears their wedding card in two. Her wedding card is also torn by Savi.


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