Suhaagan 13th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Baldev asks Indu how she left here in the episode, and Indu replies that she was guarding her, thinking she was not a thief, but a patient. Sakshi says we’ll check her room, she might have left a suicide note, and says the police will investigate. Indu becomes upset and says that since Bindiya is married, some story always happens. Sakshi informs that Payal might have eloped or committed suicide. Baldev asks what Bindiya did wrong? Indu says I should have tied her up.

Baldev says I’ll call Krish. Indu asks him not to trouble Krish. Krish and Bindiya are leaving. Dadi should not drink too much tea, have breakfast on time, and apply balm to her feet. Phoolmati says you take care of your Dadi and Payal, and asks her to live her life. Rose says if I had gotten such a sasural, I would have forgotten Nani and Maa. She says I will leave. Krish and Payal sit in the car before Bindiya. She says I’ll leave.

She tells Payal that she is sitting in the wrong place and says the spot belongs to her. She asks Rose to bring one pillow and reminds Payal what Krishna ji had said that only I would sit here, and says she will make the back seat so comfortable that you will get sleepy just as you sit in it. Bindiya tells Dadi not to worry and says she’ll handle everything. Krish looks at Payal in the car.

Bindiya asks Payal if she had informed anyone before coming. Payal responds that no one was aware, as everyone was asleep at the time. Understanding the concern, Bindiya mentions the importance of notifying the family beforehand and decides to inform Bau ji herself. Krish assures that they will explain everything once they reach home. Upon their arrival, Baldev expresses surprise and inquires if Payal was with them without his knowledge. Krish informs him of the situation, to which Baldev shares their fruitless efforts in searching for her since morning.

Payal expressed her concerns, to which Indu responded by bringing up the lack of explanation for her actions. She questioned if Payal had thought about eloping after causing them stress. Krish mentioned that Bindiya was going to call, but he stopped her. This upset Baldev, and Sakshi shared that she was hurt and ended up at Chiraiyya’s house. Defending Payal, Krish was met with Indu asking why he was taking Bindiya and Payal’s side. Bindiya apologized to Baldev and explained that she didn’t realize how worried Payal was, adding that since their parents’ absence, they have grown closer. Payal believed that they should allow Bindiya to stay here. To which Krish reminded everyone that Bindiya’s family is a part of their family as well.

Bindiya informs everyone that Payal will soon be leaving to focus on her studies. Indu then mentions the newly opened dharmshala and suggests inviting villagers to stay there. Bindiya acknowledges that Payal made a mistake and she plans on sending her back immediately. She then takes Payal outside while holding her hand. Krish asks Baldev not to trouble their new daughter-in-law and urges him to accommodate her request. Indu adds that they have been following her instructions since she arrived. However, Baldev remembers his promise to dadi and stops Bindiya, stating that he cannot leave their family in a helpless state.

He acknowledges your ability to handle your responsibilities even after marriage and reminds me that Pallu is your responsibility. Hence, he suggests that she can stay here for a few days. However, he emphasizes on the importance of her maintaining respect and pride in this house. Expressing gratitude towards Baldev and others, Bindiya then prompts Payal to apologize. Following Bindiya’s words, Payal apologizes to them as well. Hearing this, Sakshi turns to Indu and asks if she would have been forgiven if she had made the same mistake. Disrupting the conversation, Baldev states that it’s enough and warns Payal that this will be her final warning, urging her to at least mend her ways for the sake of her sister. Realizing her mistake, Payal assures them that she will not give them any reason to complain again and secretly thinks thankfully Buddha finally agreed.

Bindiya stops Payal and says I’ll take you to your room when she’s about to go to her room. Bindiya promises to unite her with her love and Payal makes an angry face as she says she thought she would have a sasural like this and a husband like Jiju. Payal blackmails her emotionally.


As Sakshi tells everyone that Pallu and Krish studied at the same college, Bindiya reveals that Pallu is Payal. Payal and Krish become tense.


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