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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Gautam isn’t feeling well and Dhara offers to call a doctor. He requests a pill from his wallet instead, which raises her curiosity; what’s wrong? Gautam explains it’s just withdrawal symptoms from stopping drinking. She suggests they get alcohol if that will make him feel better, but he refuses; committed to quitting the addiction. Recalling the time Dhara was hospitalized, Gautam admits he drank excessively out of worry and thus everyone believed he died in an accident. Everyone had been concerned for him when Dhara thought they didn’t care; this is all his fault. Rishita went with Chutki and Suman stayed home. Raavi was ill at the same time Shiva and Krish visited Dhara at the hospital while Dev searched for her husband – she remembers it all now. Gautam pleads for forgiveness.

She rebuffed his apology, insisting that it was her mistake to misjudge him—he had been with her all along, giving her strength. He embraces her and beckons her to stay as she professes her love for him. Taking his hand, they depart together, both reminiscing and shedding tears upon this reunion. Raavi stirs in her sleep, dreaming of Shiva. The latter is likewise thinking of Raavi as the rhythmic notes of ‘Yun To Solah Saawan’ fill the air. As Raavi approaches him, she expresses her weariness before nestling against his chest and embracing him tenderly; Manmarziyaan plays gently in the background.

He wakes with the thought of kissing her, but she has disappeared from sight. What was it like, he wonders, feeling as if Gauri was here? She must have heard him, smiling in hiding. He remembers he needs to get married soon, and asks if she will allow someone else to be his wife. Shweta is bound by Krish and tries to break free as everyone awaits the reports in the morning. When finally Suman reads them; Krish and Gautam are stunned into silence while Dhara stares disbelievingly at Shweta. Prerna joins them and demands to know what the reports say – only to be shocked when Dhara reveals that Shweta is pregnant.


Krish and Dhara stop Prerna from leaving. Prerna scolds Dhara. She meets with an accident. They shout at Prerna.

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