Pandya Store 10th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Natasha gets away from Dhawal in the episode. Pranali argues with Hetal in anger. Bhaven arrives. He gets a cut on his finger. He screams and asks Pranali to do something. Pranali replies, “I can’t do anything because you told me I didn’t know anything.” She applies salt to his wound. He screams. She claims I also screamed the same way when you made me quit college. He leaves.

Mittu urges everyone to go home, as Shesh will take care of Natasha. Shesh reveals that there is a potential threat from a psycho killer. Suman expresses her worries for Natasha and suggests filing a police complaint, fearing she may have been kidnapped. Dhawal reminds Natasha to remain quiet. She shares her aspiration of working in Ahmedabad and he wishes her well. Amrish tries calling Dhawal but his phone is off. Hetal promises to speak to him upon his return and he reminds her to take good care of their mother who has raised them with great difficulty. He emphasizes the need for her safety, regardless of the circumstances. Hetal assures him it won’t happen again but they are soon interrupted by Maa’s cries for help and Natasha’s screams. The book shelf falls on top of her, causing a commotion. Dhawal initially ignores the chaos, trying to sleep, but eventually gets up to help Natasha when she asks for assistance.

Amba apologizes to her bahus for the incident. She asks Amrish to see the worm in the kheer. Everyone is shocked. Amba says you both took revenge. She remembers getting the worm from the plant pot. She performs a huge drama. Amrish gets angry. Natasha worries and screams. Dhawal says he will not come this time. She says there is something wrong. He goes to her. She removes her dress jacket. She says, “wait, I opened the top.”

Dhawal instructs her to turn towards the shelf. Hetal questions Pranali about how the incident occurred. Upon being asked, Pranali responds that Hetal had prepared the kheer. Reminding her of this, Hetal takes responsibility by admitting to having served it. In her defense, Pranali mentions that she had meticulously cleaned the bowls before serving. Amba interjects, suggesting that they all should also perform shuddi (a purifying ritual). Playfully making light of the situation, she comically suggests that perhaps a worm flew into the kheer bowl by accident. This leads to a disagreement between Hetal and Pranali. However, Amba diffuses the tension with a smile and reassures them that no one is at fault in this situation. Feeling remorseful, Hetal apologizes and asks for forgiveness from Amba. In response, Amba kindly forgives both of them while also comforting Hetal and putting an end to her tears. The others then proceed to leave as Amrish and Bhaven depart together.

Suman comes to Makhwana house with police. She calls out Natasha. Amba calls her sons. Police arrive. Inspector says we have a search warrant, you wanted to buy their Pandya store, but when they refused, you kidnapped Natasha; I also have CCTV footage. Amrish gets angry on Hetal. Pranali asks if you guys are going to kidnap Natasha for a store. Bhaven says what nonsense. Amrish says we will cooperate, you will find Natasha. Suman threatens them that they need to give Natasha back.


Chirag and Dhawal will be married at the same time, Natasha will become the youngest bahu, I’ve decided, Dhawal and Natasha will be married in ten days.


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