Dabangii 2nd November 2023: Abhi’s Pursuit Intensifies Amid Family Tensions

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The Episode starts with Chaya trying to cheer up Arya. Abhi threatens Chandrao and asks him to find Damini before Visarjan. Abhi asks where is the gun? I missed it a lot. Chandrao gets it for him. Abhi picks it up and smiles. Abhi performs the aarti with his family. Morya….plays… Chaya gets the juice for Arya. She finds Arya missing, looks for her, and prays. She says that the devil has taken her, and she will never forgive you, and he has taken everything from me.

Arya runs to a place where she meets Sonu. She prays for Arya’s safety and life. She says that her dad will come and save me. Sonu says it’s good you spoke to me over the phone and told me about Chaya taking you away, so I came to save you. Sonu tells her to go fast before Chaya finds her and beats him. Chaya is injured.

She sits crying and asks where are you, Arya, I’m hurt, at least come to help me. He asks Arya if you lost your toy. She says my dad is also a police officer, and he goes on secret missions. She describes a movie scene. Constable watches the movie scene and finds it the same. He smiles as he answers.

Arya gets happy and tells Sonu about it. Abhi talks to Chandrao. He decides to go to Sholapur. Chaya goes to the police station and sees Abhi’s men finding her and showing her pic. She is worried. Kasturi says we will also come. She cares for her son when he gets burned. He scolds him. Aai says you have come, and now my grandson will as well. Arya and Sonu go to a field. He is scared of her.

As Aai taunts Kasturi, Ankush recalls how she helped Chaya deliver and fought Abhi’s goons when she was pregnant. Baba comes to Ankush and says Satya is family, and you will handle it. What about Damini? He tells Ankush not to take her name and that she is a fraud. He remembers how she fled from the hospital. Baba says she ran away for her child; her fear was natural.

Despite my promises to her, Akush left, and she didn’t realize this devil would find her someday. If she had stated Satya, he would have been sentenced to life. Arya and Sonu lie in the field. She says I’ll pray to the shooting star for my dad to attend. Abhi says everything should go smoothly. Chandrao says you’ll get your thing. Abhi says fine, I’ll agree. Chaya looks for Arya.


Chaya meets with an accident. She comes in front of Abhi’s car as Arya and some kids argue.

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